1390 Granite City Sports Report

(Monday February 7 Thru Saturday February 12th Results)
We will include from the Central Lakes Conference: Sartell Sabres, Sauk Rapids Storm, St. Cloud Tech Tigers and Rocori Spartans. From the Granite Ridge Conference: Albany Huskies, Foley Falcons and the Becker Bulldogs from the Mississippi 8 Conference. From the Central Minnesota Conference the Eden Valley Watkins Eagles, Kimball Area Cubs, Holdingford Huskers, Paynesville Bulldogs and Royalton/Upsala Royals.

Jaxon Kenning 138 No. 3AAA
Cody Brott 182 No. 7AAA
Tucker Hugg 220 No. 10AAA

The Crush have set a record for the most wins in a season with a 21-4 record so far. Going 2-0 on the day were Jack Hamak, Noah Newman, Tanner Hugg, Koda Nelson, Jaxon Kenning, Aidian Orth, Logan Lunceford, and Tanner Hugg. Nick Kamak and Cody Brott went 1-0. The Crush earned fifth place with ten medal winners and 110 points at the Albany “Purple Pride” Tournament. Jaxon Kenning (138/36-2) earned their lone championship. Sutton Kenning (195/29-8) earned second place and Tucker Hugg (285/31-6) earned third place. Jack Hamak (106/22-14), Noah Neuman (120/14-15), Tanner Hugg (126/17-20), Aidan Orth (145/20-16), and Cody Brott (182/28-7) all earned fourth place and Sam Long (152/19-17) and Patrick Njoya (220/11-17) all earned fifth place.

106 Jack Hamak (SCC) Dec. Noah Ludwig (WB) 6-3
113 Noah Neuman (SCC) Fall Isaac Kolstad (WB) 4:23
120 Christian Carlson (WB) Fall Ethan Brott (SCC) :39
126 Tanner Hugg (SCC) Maj. Dec. Gabriel Kessel (WB) 13-4
132 Koda Nelson (SCC) Won by Forfeit
138 Jaxon Kenning (SCC) Fall Porter Cleary (WB) 1:35
145 Aidian Orth (SCC) Dec. Tyler  Brock (WB) 13-12
152 Sam Long (SCC) Fall Evan Eliasen (WB) ;19
160 Martin  Bird (SCC) Fall Levi Arvig (WB) 2:13
170 Logan Lunceford (SCC) Fall Jackson Halko (WB) :59
182 Cody Brott (SCC) Fall Imeleyo Stanton (WB) 1:29
195 Mathew Sloan (WB) Dec. Sutton Kenning (SCC) 7-2
220 Tucker Hugg (SCC) Fall Theron Cartier (WB) 1:34
285 Tate Bosman (WB) Dec. Patrick Njoya (SCC) 9-4

106 Jack Hamak (SCC) Fall Jacob Redden (BSM) :42
113 Noah Neuman (SCC) Won by Forfeit
120 Ethan Brott (SCC) Won by Forfeit
126 Tanner Hugg (SCC) Fall Simon Carlisle (BSM) 3:25
132 Koda Nelson (SCC) Maj. Dec. Matthew Litchy (BSM) 19-6
138 Jaxon Kenning (SCC) Won by Forfeit
145 Aidan Orth   (SCC) Won by Forfeit
152 Dontrell Daniels (BSM) Fall Martin Bird (SCC) 1:33
160 Jon Gettel (BSM) Dec. Sam Long (SCC) 6-1
170 Logan Lunceford (SCC) Fall Bryce Commerford (BSM) 1:06
182 Nick Hamak (SCC) Won by Forfeit
195 Sutton Kenning (SCC) Won by Forfeit
220 Tucker Hugg (SCC) Won by Forfeit
285 Patrick Njoya (SCC) Fall Mason Frank (BSM) 1:48

Spencer Johnson 126 No. 5AAA
Dylan Enriquez 138 No. 5AAA
Will Budge 182 No. 8AAA

The Sabres were defeated in two duals at their home triangular; they were defeated by Section 8AAA rival Bemidji 45-21 (5-9) and Central Lakes Conference rival Rocori 49-26 (5-9). Spencer Johnson (132), Dylan Enriquez (138) and Will Budge (220) all went 2-0.

106 Nick Strand (BEM) Fall Alexander Hendrickson (SSS) :45
113 Brody Castonguay (BEM) Fall Julian Morris (SSS) :39
120 Gavin Osborn (BEM) Maj. Dec. Zaccory Anderson (SSS) 14-4
126 Hunter Heim (BEM) Won by Forfeit
132 Spencer Johnson (SSS) Fall Alec Newby (BEM) 5:13
138 Dylan Enriquez (SSS) Fall Rylee Roybal (BEM) 1:22
145 Kaden Brooks (SSS) Fall Bo Hofstad (BEM) 1:48
152 Thade Osborn (BEM) Maj. Dec. Ryan Joyce (SSS) 10-2
160 Seth Newby (BEM) Fall Isaac Nelson (SSS) :26
170 Coy Olsen (BEM) Fall Calen O`Connell (SSS) :57
182 Logan Willard (BEM) Maj. Dec. Donovan Lund (SSS) 12-3
195 Will Budge (SSS) Dec. Jared Frenzel (BEM) 9-4
220 Nate Schwinghammer (BEM) Fall Ben Karasch (SSS) 1:38
285 Dylan Headbird (BEM) Fall Tucker Mugg (SSS) 1:17

Class AA No. 3AA
Kaden Nicolas 113 No. 3AA
Landen Kujawa 120 No. 6AA
Ethan Anderson 138 No. 7AA
Mason Doucette 152 No. 10AA
Tyson Ricker 170 No. 8AA
Dylan Kolby 220 No. 8AA

The Bulldogs had a good team performance with sixteen place winners for 245 points to earn the Albany “Purple Pride” tournament championship. Kaden Nicolas (113/31-3), Landen Kujawa (120/28-4), Drew May (126/25-13), Mason Doucette (152/31-7), Adam Jurek (160/26-8) and Dylan Kolby (220/18-3) all earned championship medals. Bennett Kujawa (106/18-10) and Tyson Ricker (170/28-7) both earned second. Ryan Becker (132/10-11), Ethan Anderson (138/20-8), Owen Angel (145/16-6) and Dylan Weber (182/20-8) all earned third place and Ryan Nelson (170/7-7) and Bryce Kuschel (285/28-6) both earned fourth place.

Cyler Ruhoff 106 No. 9AA
Elijah Novak 285 No. 1AA
The Falcons defeated Granite Ridge Conference foe Zimmerman 60-12 (11-3) to close out their regular season. The Falcons tied for the Granite Ridge Conference championship.


106 Hunter Wilhelmi (FOL) Dec. Beau Dipprey (ZIM) 6-2
113 Cyler Ruhoff (FOL) Fall Christopher Belair (ZIM) 1:29
120 Wyatt Wall (FOL) Won by Forfeit
126 Blake Herbst (FOL) Fall Kade Wilkins (ZIM) :44
132 Cayden Hansmeier (FOL) Maj. Dec. Kellen Martin (ZIM)16-4
138 Jon Weiser (ZIM) Maj. Dec. Wyatt Lueck (FOL) 14-6
145 Issac Milejczak (FOL) Tech, Fall Tyler Aderman (ZIM)
152 Cole Rudnitski (FOL) Fall Brock Snow (ZIM) 1:17
160 Alex Jennissen (FOL) Won by Forfeit
170 Joe Gardas (ZIM) Tech. Fall Trey Emmerich (FOL)
182 Wyatt Harris (FOL) Fall Brooks Howard (ZIM) 3:16
195 Aiden Pardino (ZIM) Dec. Andy Boettcher (FOL) 5-2
220 Colton Rothfork (FOL) Fall Arik Killinger (ZIM) :29
285 Elijah Novak (FOL) Fall Heath Lester (ZIM) :31

Austin Moscho 152 NO. 3AA
Grady Minnerath 220 No. 6AA

The Spartans defeated a pair of Class A foes at the KMS “Fighting Saints” Triangular. KMS 56-18 (11-3) and BOLD 60-18 (11-3) Jack Major (126), Luke Hemmesch (138), Evan Moscho (145), Austin Moscho (152), Ryan Russell (182), Mason Orth (195) and Matt Goebel (220). The Spartans split dual at the Sartell “Sabres” Triangular, they defeated Central Lakes Conference rival Sartell 49-26 (9-5). They were defeated by No. 7AAA ranked Bemidji 54-15. (4-10), Evan Moscho (145) and Austin Moscho (152) both went 2-0.

106 Renner Haven (ROC) Maj. Dec. Alexander Hendrickson (SSS) 17-3
113 Kameron Moscho (ROC) Fall Julian Morris (SSS) 1:00
120 Zaccory Anderson (SSS) Fall Grady Brown (ROC) 2:22
126 Jack Major (ROC) Won by Forfeit
132 Spencer Johnson (SSS) Won by Forfeit
138 Dylan Enriquez (SSS) Fall Carson Alvardo-Konz (ROC) :43
145 Evan Moscho (ROC) Fall Kaden Brooks (SSS) 3:56
152 Austin Moscho (ROC) Fall Jason Hager (SSS) :50
160 Nathan Soldner (ROC) Dec. Ryan Joyce (SSS) 12-10
170 Calen O`Connell (SSS) Tech. Fall Anthony Brown (ROC) 4:54
182 Ryan Rose (ROC) Fall Donovan Lund (SSS) 1:50
195 Mason Orth (ROC) Fall Ben Karasch (SSS) 4:43
220 Will Budge (SSS) Dec. Matthew Goebel (ROC) 9-5
285 Grady Minnerath (ROC) Fall Tucker Mugg (SSS) :25


106 Ryder Kremers (ROC) Won by Forfeit
113 Kameron Moscho (ROC) Fall Tanner Kautz (BOLD) :41
120 Brady Kiecker (BOLD) Fall Grady Brown (ROC) 1:08
126 Jack Major (ROC) Fall Trey Zammaron (BOLD) :28
132 Gavin Hammerschmidt (BOLD) Dec. Blayne Walsh (ROC) 7-6
138 Austin Kiecker (BOLD) Won by Forfeit
145 Luke Hemmesch (ROC) Won by Forfeit
152 Evan Moscho (ROC) Fall Elijah Swenson (BOLD) 1:39
160 Austin Moscho (ROC) Fall Hayden Edwards (BOLD) 1:30
170 Connor Plumley (BOLD) Dec. Aaron Baisley (ROC) 3-1
182 Ryan Rose (ROC) Won by Forfeit
195 Mason Orth (ROC) Won by Forfeit
220 Matthew Goebel (ROC) Won by Forfeit
285 Grady Minnerath (ROC) Won by Forfeit

106 106 Trey Gunderson (KMS) Fall Kameron Moscho (ROC) 1:44
113 Renner Haven (ROC) Won by Forfeit
120 Noah Johnson (KMS) Won by Forfeit
126 Jack Major (ROC) Fall Taytan Nielsen (KMS) 3:42
132 Blayne Walsh (ROC) Won by Forfeit
138 Luke Hemmesch (ROC) Fall Logan Johnson (KMS) 1:13
145 Evan Moscho (ROC) Maj. Dec. Jett Olson (KMS) 11-3
152 Austin Moscho (ROC) Maj. Dec. Ely Johnson (KMS) 21-9
160 Nathan Soldner (ROC) Dec. Aaron Jones (KMS) 6-3
170 Coy Gunderson (KMS) Fall Aaron Baisley (ROC) 4:36
182 Ryan Rose (ROC) Dec. Masyn Olson (KMS) 9-4
195 Mason Orth (ROC) Fall Owen Kidrowski (KMS) 3:10
220 Matthew Goebel (ROC) Fall Collin Johnson (KMS) 1:10
285 Braulio Mata Avilles (ROC) Fall Jason Jones (KMS) 1:47

Jacob Adrian 285 No. 7AA

The Huskies had a good tournament performance with 112 points and ten place winners to earn fourth place at their “Purple Pride” invitational. Jacob Adrian (285/33-5) earned their lone championship. The Huskies did earn three second place medals by: Devin Hansen (132/34-11), Payton Krumrei (160/34-11) and Hunter Tate (182/23-9). Joseph Schmidt (126/24-21) and Declan Crumley (195/32-13) both earned fourth place. Mason Plumski (138/9-12) and Spencer Kollmann (145/19-23) both earned fifth place and Cole Moulzolf (152/11-26) and Cooper Brinkman (170) both took sixth place.

Class A No. 3A
Tucker Simmons 106 No. 5A
Alex Diederich 126 No. 4A
Will Gorecki 132 No. 10A
Jacob Leibold 152 No. 3A
Gabe Gorecki 170 No. 5A
Bryce Holm 220 No. 7A
Jeremy Mugg 285 No. 3A
The Royals defeated their AA neighbors the Pioneers of Pierz 57-15 (11-3), to boost the Royals dual record to 19-1 on the season. The Royals had six falls by Lane Olson (113), Hunter Novitzki (170), Will Gorecki (182), Max Lange (195), Bryce Holm (220) and Jeremy Mugg (285). The Royals defeated Central Minnesota Conference rivals Eden Valley-Watkins 61-12 (11-3) with six falls, to close out their regular season with a 20-1 season record.

106 Tucker Simmons (R/U) Tech. Fall Connor Hennessy (PIE) 4:00
113 Lane Olson (R/U) Fall Braden LeBlanc (PIE) 1:50
120 Liam Hennessy (PIE) Fall Spencer Novitzki (R/U) 1:35
126 Alex Diederich (R/U) Tech. Fall Derek Stangl (PIE) 5:53
132 Will Gorecki (R/U) Dec. Chase Becker (PIE) 9-3
138 Jacob LeBlanc (PIE) Dec. Brock Costanzo (R/U) 9-3
145 Trevor Radunz (PIE) Fall Logan Nundahl (R/U) 1:33
152 Nick Leibold (R/U) Dec. Frank Tomberlin (PIE) 2-1
160 Jacob Leibold (R/U) Tech. Fall Derrick Pryzbilla (PIE) 5:01
170 Hunter Novitzki (R/U) Fall Nathan Nash (PIE) 3:03
182 Will Gorecki (R/U) Fall Wyatt Dingmann (PIE) :43
195 Max Lang (R/U) Fall Jack Byker (PIE) :56
220 Bryce Holm (R/U) Fall Daniel Hoffman (PIE) 2:48
285 Jeremy Mugg (R/U) Fall Carter Geise (PIE) :39

106 Tucker Simmons (R/U) Fall Ryder Schmidt (EVW) 1:11
113 Lane Olson (R/U) Won by Forfeit
120 Bryce Binek (R/U) Fall Alex Bollin (EVW) 2:35
126 Alex Diederich (R/U) Fall Braden Kramer (EWV) 1:54
132 Will Gorecki (R/U) Maj. Dec. Teagyn Ludwig (EVW) 13-3
138 Gavin Caron (EVW) Dec. Brock Costanzo (R/U) 5-4
145 Nick Leibold (R/U) Won by Forfeit
152 Isaac Ortiz (EVW) Fall Logan Nundahl (R/U) 5:11
160 Jacob Leibold (R/U) Fall Cyrus Kammermeier (EVW) 3:05
170 Hunter Novitzki (R/U) Fall Rylan Schueller (EVW) 5:30
182 Sam Tschida (R/U) Won by Forfeit
195 Kaden Holm (R/U) Dec. Sonnie DeHeer (EVW) 4-1
220 Bryce Holm (R/U) Fall Mitchell Lipinski (EVW) 1:42
285 Austin Schlangen (EVW) Dec. Brandon Mugg (R/U) 5-0

Class A No. 4A
Gavin Winter 132 No. 7A
Lucas Jurek 138 No. 10A
Ashton Hanan 170 No. 1A
Carter Holtz 182 No. 1A
Haden Rosenow 195 No. 10A
The Cubs defeated a pair of rivals at the home triangular; they defeated Central Minnesota Conference and Section 4A rival Eden Valley-Watkins 46-22 (9-5). They defeated No. 10AA ranked Dassel-Cokato/Litchfield Coop 48-21 (10-4). Connor Carlson (106), Mark Schiefelbein (113/120), Gavin Winter (132), Lucas Jurek (138), Brett Schiefelbein (145), Ashton “Shuggs” Hanan (170/182) and Carter Holtz (195) all went 2-0. The Cubs defeated Central Minnesota Conference rivals Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City 32-29 in a very good dual to close out their dual meet portion of the regular season. The Cubs had a good tournament performance, munis a couple of their starters. They earned 149 points with eleven place winners to earn third place at the Albany “Purple Pride” Invitational. The Cubs earned two championships by Carter Holtz (182/34-3) and Ashton “Shuggs” Hanan (170/21-3). Mark Schiefelbein (113/28-10), Jack Bollman (126/16-9), Lucas Jurek (138/29-9) and Brett Schiefelbein (145/24-11) all earned second place medals. Haden Rosenow (195/18-6) earned third place and Logan Kuseske (152/25-17 both earned fourth place. Connor Carlson (106/10-16), and Ace Meyer (285/25-14) both earned fifth place and Caden Gussisberg (160) earned sixth place.

106 Connor Carlson (KIM) Fall Anton Cox (DC/L) 2:29
113 Jon Serbus (KIM) Tech. Fall Gavin Terning (DC/L) 5:02
120 Mark Schiefelbein (KIM) Won by Forfeit
126 Gabe Nelson (DC/L) Tech. Fall William Serbus (KIM) 5:00
132 Gavin Winter (KIM) Fall Owen Culbertson (DC/L) :37
138 Lucas Jurek (KIM) Won by Forfeit
145 Brett Schiefelbein (KIM) Maj. Dec. Chase Housman (DC/L) 17-3
152 Logan Kuseske (KIM) Dec/ Shelby Fischer Lund (DC/L) 2-1
160 Jude Link (DC/L) Fall Caden Guggisberg (KIM 1:15
170 Sam Marx (DC/L) Maj. Dec. Hank Meyer (KIM) 13-4
182 Ashton Hanan (KIM) Fall TJ Christensen (DC/L) 3:31
195 Carter Holtz (KIM) Dec. Hayden Hoernemann (DC/L) 3-2
220 Spencer Henke (DC/L) Won by Forfeit
285 Ace Meyer (KIM) Dec. Brendan Rokala (DC/L) 3-2

106 Connor Carlson (KIM) Fall Ryder Schmidt (EVW) 1:25
113 Mark Schiefelbein (KIM) Fall Alex Bollin (EVW) :18
120 Bryden Kramer (EVW) Maj. Dec. William Serbus (KIM) 14-3
126 Teagyn Ludwig (EVW) Won by Forfeit
132 Gavin Winter (KIM) Won by Forfeit
138 Lucas Jurek (KIM) Maj. Dec. Treyce Ludwig (EVW) 12-1
145 Brett Schiefelbein (KIM) Dec. Gavin Caron (EVW) 10-6
152 Isaac Ortiz (EVW) Dec. Logan Kuseske (KIM) 9-5
160 Caden Guggisberg (KIM) Fall Cyrus Kammermeier (EVW) 2:40
170 Ashton Hanan (KIM) Won by Forfeit
182 Hank Meyer (KIM) Dec. Rylan Schueller (EVW) 3-2 OT
195 Carter Holtz (KIM) Fall Sonnie DeHeer (EVW) 1:39
220 Mitchell Lipinski (EVW) Won by Forfeit
285 Austin Schlangen (EVW) Dec. Ace Meyer (KIM) 8-2

106 Braxton Kragenbring (ACGC) Fall Connor Carlson (KIM) 5:31
113 Mark Schiefelbein, (KIM) Fall Trey Schmidt (ACGC) 2:55
120 William Serbus (KIM) Fall Jayden Gulke (ACGC) 2:21
126 Jack Bollman (KIM) Fall Edwyn Gonzalez (ACGC) 3:09
132 Brody Straumann (ACGC) Maj. Dec. James Schiefelbein (KIM) 14-2
138 Lucas Jurek (KIM) Dec. Cole Holien (ACGC) 3-1
145 Jevon Williams (ACGC) Maj. Dec. Brett Schiefelbein (KIM) 12-0
152 Brady Holien (ACGC) Fall Caden Guggisberg (KIM) 2:44
160 Mason Studemann (ACGC) Dec. Logan Kuseske (KIM) 3-0
170 Ashton Hanan (KIM) Dec. Jake Mortensen (ACGC) 3-2
182 Isaiah Renne (ACGC) Dec. Hank Meyer (KIM) 9-5
195 Haden Rosenow (KIM) Tech. Fall Takoda Mucciccaro (ACGC) 5:38
220 Carter Holtz (KIM) Dec. Jaxon Behm (ACGC) 10-5
285 Terrell Renne (ACGC) Dec. Ace Meyer (KIM) 2-1

Class A Lean and Mean
Wyatt Novitzki 106 No. 7A
Drew Lange 138 No. 8A
Sam Harren 195 No 7A
The Huskers defeated two foes at the Eden Valley-Watkins triangular; Central Minnesota Conference rival Eden Valley 60-18 and HLWW 53-24 (10-4). This earned them a school record for dual meet wins in the regular season. They have built a 26-4 overall season dual meet record. Wyatt Novitzki (106), Wyatt Pilarski (113), Noah Perowitz (120), Simon Boeckman (126), William Pilarski (132), Drew Lange (138) Jaxon Bartkowicz (152) and Sam Harren (195) all went 2-0.

106 Wyatt Novitzki (HOLD) Fall Ryder Schmidt (EVW) 1:26
113 Noah Perowitz (HOLD) Won by Forfeit
120 Wyatt Pilarski (HOLD) Fall Alex Bollin (EVW) 1:25
126 Masyn Patrick (HOLD) Dec. Teagyn Ludwig (EVW) 13-10
132 Simon Boeckman (HOLD) Fall Brayden Kramer (EVW) 3:50
138 Will Pilarski (HOLD) Dec. Gavin Caron (EVW) 5-3
145 Drew Lange (HOLD) Won by Forfeit
152 Luke Bieniek (HOLD) Fall Isaac Ortiz (EVW) 3:05
160 Jaxon Barkowicz (HOLD) Won by Forfeit
170 Rylan Schueller (EVW) Fall Evan Lichy (HOLD) 1:32
182 Sonnie DeHeer (EVW) Fall Toby Phillipp (HOLD) 3:42
195 Jaden Barkowicz (HOLD) Won by Forfeit
220 Sam Harren (HOLD) Won by Forfeit
285 Austin Schlangen (EVW) Won by Forfeit

106 Wyatt Novitzki (HOLD) Fall Raydon Graham (HLWW) 5:23
112 Wyatt Pilarski (HOLD) Tech. Fall Tegan Miller (HLWW) 5:27
120 Noah Perowitz (HOLD) Dec. Jason Knott (HLWW) 10-4
126 Evan Petron (HOLD) Dec. Tony Baumann (HLWW) 9-3
132 Simon Boeckman (HOLD) Won by Forfeit
138 Will Pilarski (HOLD) Won by Forfeit
145 Drew Lange (HOLD) Won by Forfeit
152 Jaxon Barkowicz (HOLD) Fall Logan Diers (HLWW) 1:06
160 Isaac Busse (HLWW) Fall Luke Bieniek (HOLD) 5:58
170 Evan LIchy (HOLD) Fall Charlie Mumford (HLWW) 5:18
182 Collin Boese (HLWW) Fall (HOLD) 1:15
195 Sam Harren (HOLD) Fall Matthew Busse (HLWW) 3:02
220 Colton Long (HLWW) Fall Jaden Barkowicz (HOLD) :41
285 Jakob Duske (HLWW) Won by Forfeit

Austin Schlangen 285 No. 4A
The Eagles split their duals at the Kimball Area “Cubs” Triangular; they defeated No. 10AA ranked Dassel-Cokato/Litchfield 44-33 (8-6). they were defeated by No. 4A ranked Kimball Area their conference and Section 4A rivals 46-22 (9-5). Brayden Kramer (120), Teagyn Ludwig (126), Isaac Ortiz (152) and Austin Schlangen (285) all went 2-0. The Eagles were defeated by a pair of Central Minnesota Conference rivals: No. 3A ranked Royalton-Upsala 61-12 and Class A Lean and Mean Holdingford 60-18. They were defeated by Section 4A rival HLWW 46-27 (6-8). Austin Schlangen (285) went 3-0 and Isaac Ortiz (152) and Rylan Schueller (170) both went 2-1.

106 Ryder Schmidt (EVW) Fall Anton Fox (DC/L) 5:14
113 Alex Bolin (EVW) Fall Gavin Teming (DC/L) :21
120 Brayden Kramer (EVW) Won by Forfeit
126 Teagyn Ludwig (EVW) Fall Owen Culbertson (DC/L) 3:31
132 Gabe Nelson (DC/L) Won by Forfeit
138 Treyce Ludwig (EVW) Tech. Fall Isaac Stread (DC/L)
145 Gavin Caron (EVW) Dec. Chase Housman (DC/L) 9-2
152 Isaac Ortiz (EVW) Dec. Shelby Fischerlund (DC/L) 5-4
160 Jude Link (DC/L) Tech. Fall Cyrus Kammermeier (EVW)
170 Sam Marx (DC/L) Won by Forfeit
182 TJ Christensen (DC/L) Maj Dec. Rylan Schueller (EVW) 19-5
195 Hayden Hoemenmann (DC/L) Fall Sonnie DeHeer (EVW) 3:23
220 Spencer Henke (DC/L) Fall Mitchell Lipinski (EVW) 2:39
285 Austin Schlangen (EVW) Fall Brenden Rokala (DC/L) 2:49

Peyton Hemmesch 182 No. 9A
Spencer Eisenbraun 220 No. 10A
The Bulldogs swept three duals at the Alexandria “Cardinals” Quadrangular to close out their regular season. They defeated Section 5A foe Ortonville 66-13 (13-1) and a pair of AA teams Alexandria 37-24 (7-7) and SCM 54-26 (9-5). Mason McNab (113), Brandon Hess (132), Seth Vearrier (182), Peyton Hemmesch (195) and Spencer Eisenbraun (220) all went 3-0 and Jose Anya (138), Grant Wendlandt (152), Trenton LeClaire (160) and Aaron Mages (170) all went 2-1.

106 Nolan  Fettig (ALEX) Maj. Dec. Carson Suchy (PAY) 11-0
113 Mason McNab (PAY) Maj. Dec. Logan Timm (ALEX) 11-1
120 Brenden Bryce (ALEX) Dec. Preston Welling (PAY) 8-3
126 Mason Hansen (PAY) Dec. Jacob Loween (ALEX) 8-4
132 Brandon Hess (PAY) Fall Landon Day (ALEX) 1:11
138 Jose Anaya (PAY) Dec. Isaac Saffert (ALEX) 6-2
145 Blaze Nelson (ALEX) Fall Mitchell Blonigen (PAY) 1:47
152 Kelly  Johnson (ALEX) Maj. Dec. Grant Wendlandt (PAY) 13-0
160 Landon Seward (ALEX) Maj. Dec. Trenton LeClaire (PAY) 9-1
170 Mason Teaser (ALEX) Dec. Aaron Mages (PAY) 9-2
182 Seth Vearrier (PAY) Fall Jackson Saffert (ALEx) 1:22
195 Peyton Hemmesch (PAY) Fall Gavryn Fernholz (ALEX) 1:43
220 Spencer Eisenbraun (PAY) Fall Luke Maanum (ALEX) 2:04
285 Grant Miller (PAY) Dec. David Rauscher (ALEX) 4-3

106 Dominic Kerzman (SCM) Dec. Carson Suchy (PAY) 7-2
113 Mason McNab (PAY) Fall Lanna  Walter (SCM)
120 Noah  Christen  (SCM) Fall Preston Welling (PAY)
126 Mitchell Christen (SCM) Fall Mason Hansen (PAY)
132 Brandon Hess (PAY) Fall Malachite  Grimstad (SCM)
138 Jose de los Santos (SCM) Tech. Fall Jose Anaya (PAY)
145 Mitchell Blonigen (PAY) Fall Sam  Berscheit (SCM)
152 Grant Wendlandt (PAY) Won by Forfeit
160: Trenton LeClaire (PAY) Won by Forfeit
170 Aaron Mages (PAY) Won by Forfeit
182 Seth Vearrier (PAY) Won by Forfeit
195 Peyton Hemmesch (PAY) Fall Isaac  Frericks (SCM) :39
220 Spencer Eisenbraun (PAY) Fall Kevin Raya Botello (SCM)
285 Will Sjogren (SCM) Fall Grant Miller (PAY)

106 Cody Klepel (ORT) Maj. Dec. Carson Suchy (PAY) 9-1
113 Mason McNab (PAY) Fall Marvin Hognes (ORT)
120 Preston Welling (PAY) Fall Brooklyn Conrad (ORT)
126 Anthony Eustice (ORT) Dec. Mason Hansen (PAY) 8-2
132 Brandon Hess (PAY) Fall Jacob Hartman (ORT)
138 Jose Anaya (PAY) Won by Forfeit
145 Mitchell Blonigen (PAY) Won by Forfeit
152 Grant Wendlandt (PAY) Won by Forfeit
160 Trenton LeClaire (PAY) Won by Forfeit
170 Aaron Mages (PAY) Won by Forfeit
182 Seth Vearrier (PAY) Won by Forfeit
195 Peyton Hemmesch (PAY) Won by Forfeit
220 Spencer Eisenbraun (PAY) Won by Forfeit
285 James Conrad (ORT) Fall Grant Miller (PAY)