HEAD COACH: Josh Jariman

Lake Conference: 6-0

Overall Duals: 24-0

The Knights defeated Apple Valley 45-, Anoka 42-23 and Stillwater 39-27 for State AAA Honors. They earned fourteen section place winners, eleven state qualifiers and five state medal winners. They will have back eight section place winners, three state medalists and three with a great deal of experience. The Knights will have a young team with a great deal of experience. Look for them to make strikes of improvement thru the course of the season. If they stay spread out in their weights and stay healthy they could challenge those very good dual meet marks and make a strong challenge for conference honors. They should make a strong challenge to defend their section honors and possible their state honors. Their key leaders should include: Landon Robideau (46-1), Jed Wester (42-3), Mason Mills (42-13), Noah Torgerson (41-11),  Ian Schultz (36-11), Eli Davis (35-16), Tyson Hentges (19-16) and Bryon Saurvy (18-15). 


Landon Robideau 10th 46-1 1st Sec./State Champ/AC 

Jed Wester 11th 42-3 1st Sec./2nd State/AC

Mason Mills 12th 42-13 1st Section/AC

Parker Jansen 12th Injured (21-22) @ 2nd State 21-22 35-2

Noah Torgerson 12th 41-11 1st Sec./5th State/Transfer Anoka

Ian Schultz 11th 36-11 1st Section/AC

Eli Davis 11th 35-16 2nd Section/AC

Tyson Hentges 12th 19-16 4th Section

Bryon Saurvy 12th 18-15 2nd Section

Jarrett Wadsen 10th 12-10

Myles Dehmer 12th 11-14

Tanner Becker 10th   7-3


Cole Becker 46-4 1st Sec./2nd State/AC/194-29 Career

Caleb Thoennes 38-4 1st Sec./6th State/AC/82-41 Career

Jimmy Heil 38-11 1st Sec./5th State/AC/82-41 Career

Owen Barthel 33-12 1st Section/61-41 Career

Marcus Mueller 11-13 4th Section/30-40 Career

Ken Stahl   9-10

Jake Springer   8-13

Tate Lidberg     7-12 5th Section



COACH HEAD COACHES: Justin Oie/Chris Donna

South Northwest Conference: 3-2

Overall Duals: 12-12

The Royals defeated Maple Grove 42-34 and they were defeated by STMA in the Section 5AAA duals. They did earn ten section place winners, one state qualifier. Back from that team they will have five section place winners, all five have fourteen plus wins. They will also have back six others with a great deal of experience. The Royals should challenge their dual meet marks if they get spread in their weights and stay healthy. They should make steady improvement thru out the course of the season. Their key leaders should include: Ty Cassidy (31-13), Navarro Kornwold (23-23), Grady Weinbrenner (21-13), Cole Hamilton (17-19) and Mason Lund (12-15). 


Ty Cassidy 12th 31-13 3rd Section/AC

Navarro Kornwold 11th 23-23 4th Section

Grady Weinbrenner     9th 21-13 3rd Section/AC

Cole Hamilton 11th 17-19 3rd Section

Mason Lund 11th 14-25 4th Section

Jase Carlson     9th 12-15

Sawyer Josewski     9th   8-5

Cole Jordan 12th   8-4

Kelly Omann 12th   6-2

Steven Daiker 11th   4-17

Dylan Jackson 12th   3-3


Isaiah Brown 35-9 2nd Section/AC/75-29 Career

Ryan Lund 27-17 4th Section/108-86 Career

Chris Dietl 21-14 5th Section/AC/64-72 Career

Max Rick 16-4 Injured/102-26 Career

Brian Ramola 10-23 5th Section

Adam Cowles   9-17

Gehrab Zahkil   4-7 6th Section

Caleb Climaco   2-4