Central Minnesota Mat Rats Report STATE REPORT (30th Annual) by Roger Mischke

Central Minnesota Mat Rats  Report (30th Annual) by Roger Mischke

 Roger Mischke November 2023-2024 Coaches, please keep me informed of your team’s success throughout the season. With each edition, I would like to share their success in The Central MN Report. Please send relevant information for Class A individual and team ratings as well. I will also report your results to The Guillotine results page results@theguillotine.com.  If possible you can also text or email a photo of your score book pages after your duals. If you want to text; I will give individuals my cell phone number. If you are using Track Wrestling, could you please add me to your mailing list. You can catch most of my columns on my Blog Site under Resources on the Guillotine: Central MN. Mat Rat




Jordan Fester Head Coach

Adam Jaeger Asst. Coach

The Jaguars had a very good tournament as they earned third place at the Class A State Duals. They defeated Section 8A champions United North Central 51-18

State Quarterfinals. The Jaguars were defeated by No. 3A ranked Staples-Motley 38-21. In the third place match they defeated No. 4A ranked Jackson County Central 36-34, the Jaguars secured a fall at heavyweight.   The Jaguars had five that went 3-0 at the state tournament duals. Ryan Jensen (139/145), Brett DeRoo. (152/160), Ethan Mueller (160/172), Maximus Hanson (172/189) and Carson Gilbert (215/285) and Noah Welte (114) went 2-1. The Jaguars earned four medals at the State Ind. tournament, led by Maximus Hanson (172/12th/49-0). He earned back to back state championships. Ryan Jensen (139/12th/47-01) earned third place honors and Carson Gilbert (215/11th/43-4) earned third place honors. Tanner Viessman (145/12th/42-5) earned fifth place state honors. Brett DeRoo (152/11th/39-8) went 2-2, he didn’t not place. 


The Cardinals earned second place honors at the state dual tournament, with big wins over Section 4A champion LeSeuer-Henderson 51-9 and Section 5A and No. 3A ranked Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa 38-21 in the semifinals. They were defeated by No. 1A ranked Chatfield 47-7 in the championship. Gage Bjerga and Eli Greenwaldt both went 3-0 and Caden Kimber, Turner Beachy, Riley Reese and Colbe Tappe all went 2-1. The Cardinals earned three medals, Gabe Bjerga (107/8th) with a 48-1 season record, earned the state championship. Colbe Tappe (152/10th) with a 41-2 season record earned second place state honors. Eli Greenwaldt (12110th) with a 50-5 season record earned fourth place state honors. Caden Kramer (114/ 9th) with a 40-7 season record, went 2-2, but did not place. Luke Bjerga (189/10th) with a 38-12 season record went 1–2, but did not place. 


The Huskers earned four state tournament medals, led by Masyn Patrick (139/10th/37-2), he earned second place honors. Drew Lange (160/12th/53-2 earned third place honors, Luke Bienick (172/11th/41-8) earned fourth place honors and Wyatt Novitzki (127/11th/46-7) earned fifth place honors. Jaxon Bartkowicz (215/10th/44-5) went 2-2 and William Pilarski (145/11th/38-8) went 2-2. The Huskers will return all these wrestlers with the exception of Drew Lange. 


The Raiders were defeated by Section 1A champions and No. 1A ranked Chatfield 50-9. They were defeated by No. 6A ranked Lake Crystal Wellcome Memorial 28-21. David Revering and Braden Shamp both went 2-0 and Isaac Grabow, Justin Olson and Cayden Kimber all went 1-1. The Raiders earned one state tournament medal by David Revering (160/12th) with a 45-5 season record he earned second place honors. Isaac Grabow (121/12th) with a 37-9 season record didn’t place. Orran Hart (127/11th) with a 37-9 season record didn’t place and Justin Olson (133/10th) with a 32-12 season record went 1-for-2, didn’t place. Evan Jares (139/11th) with a 26-8 season record went 1-2, didn’t place and Braden Shamp (215/11th) with a 27-17 season record didn’t place. 


The Royals earned two state tournament medals, Sawyer Simmons (152/12th/31-11) earned fourth place state honors. Brandon Mugg (285/11th/43-8) earned sixth place honors. Nick Leibold (172/12th/31-16) and Kaden Holm (215/12th/32-15 did not place.


The Bulldogs Peyton Hemmesch (189/11th/30-5) earned fourth place honors, Roman Roberg (114/9th/33-5) and Mason McNab (121/11th/27-7) did not place. 


The Warriors were defeated by the No. 2A ranked Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa in the quarterfinals 51-18. The Warriors defeated the Section 4A champion LeSeuer-Henderson 43-14 and they were defeated by Section 2A Champions and No. 6A ranked Lake Crystal-Wellcome Memorial 34-13 in the consolation finals. The Warriors earned sixth place in the state duals. Kevin Dailey and Aaron Lake both went 3-0, Carter Ahrendt and Zach Hendrickson both went 2-1 and Eli Roiko went 1-1. The United earned one individual state medal: Eli Roiko (189/9th) with 30-8 season record, earned sixth place honors. Ryan Peterson (215/9th) with a 28-14 season record, Aaron Lake (127/12th) with a 32-7 season record, Zach Hendrickson (133/12th) with a 32-14 season record,  Zach Hendrickson (133/11th) with a 25-12 season record and Cooper Rife (114/10) with 25-20 season record didn’t place. 


The Knights earned two state tournament medals, Wiil Rustan (285/12) with a 43-7 season record,  earned second place honors and Owen Gruchow (127/9th) with a 42-9 season record,  earned sixth pace honors. Jeremy Blascyk (189/11th) ended his season with a 35-12 season record and Adam Lohse (145/12th) ended his season with a 35-14 season record. 


The Saints earned three state tournament medals, including state championship honors by Trey Gunderson (133/10th). He went an awesome 53-0 for his season record. Jett Olson (160/11) with a 41-18 season record earned fourth place honors. Aaron Jones (172/11) with a 36-1 earned sixth place honors. 


The Wolves earned one state tournament medal by Tucker Zigan (152/12th) with a 44-4 season record earned fifth place honors. Mason Bruder (172/11th) with a 37-6 season record and Hunter Katterhagen (114/9th) with 35-9 season record didn’t place. 


The Falcons earned one state tournament by Isaiah Renne (215/12th) with a 46-9 season record earned sixth place honors. Jevon Williams (160/12th) with a 31-2 season record and Edwyn Gonzalez (133/11th) with a 42-8 season record didn’t place. 


The Raiders earned two state championships by Zach Remer (121/11th)  with a 48-1 season record and Donavan Schmid (127/12th) with 46-0 season record both earned state championship honors. 


The Lions earned two state tournament medals, Dylan Smith (285/12th) with a 50-4 season record earned third place honors. Beau Hudoba (114/12th) with a 47-9 season record earned third place state honors. Deegan Birkaker (133/11th) with a 48-5 season record didn’t place.  


The Silverstreaks earned one state tournament medal by Jacob Taplin (139/12th) with a season record of 46-6 earned fourth place state honors. Gaven Cimbura (160/12th) with a 37-16 season record and Blake Fischer (107/9th) with a 36-16 season record didn’t place. 


The Bulldogs earned third place in the Class AA Dual State tournament, they defeated No. 6AA ranked Watertown-Mayer 31-28. In the Semifinals they were defeated by No. 1AA ranked Simley 43-23. The Bulldogs tied No. 3AA ranked Totino-Grace 30-30 to earn their hardware. The Bulldogs had four that went 3-0, Kaden Nicolas (139/145), Landen Kujawa (145/152), Drew May (152/160) and Owen Angell (189) and Boston Kuschel (107) and Bennett Kujawa (114/121) both went 2-1. The Bulldogs earned six state tournament medals, five of the six will be returning next season. Kaden Nicolas (139/11th/50-4) earned 1st Place state tournament honors, Bennett Kujawa (114/9th/50-6 and Landen Kujawa (145/11th/25-1) both earned third place honors. Drew May (152/12th/47-10) and Boston Kuschel (107/9th/48-8) both earned fifth place honors and Owen Angell (172/11th/34-9) earned sixth place honors. 


(Section Coaches 2023/24) 

Simon Waltman Head Coach

Dwight Ballou Asst. Coach

The Flyers were defeated by the No. 1AA ranked Simley 46-18 and by No. 6AA ranked Watertown-Mayer 34-24. Joey Wilczek (139), Noah Cameron (145) and Ivan Petrich (215) all went 2-0, Seth Ramsdell (107) and Beau Robinson (160) both went 1-1. The Flyers earned two state medals, Ivan Petrich (215/11th/39/6) earned third place state honors and Cayden Neisen (121/7th/36-10) earned sixth place state honors. Joey Wilczek (139/12th/34-12), Hank LeClair (189/12th/31-9) and Noah Cameron (145/10th/33-13) did not place.  The Flyers will have three of their five state qualifiers returning next season.


Kurt Becker and Bill McDonald C0-Head Coaches

TJ Friederichs Asst. Coach

The Royals were defeated by Section 6AA champions and No. 5AA ranked Becker 31-28 in the state quarterfinals. They defeated Section 7AA champions  No. 11AA ranked Little Falls 34-24 in the consolation. They were defeated by the No. 3AA champions and No. 7AA ranked United 42-18 to earned fifth place in the state duals tournament. Joel Friederichs, Titan Friederichs, Kaleb Mead and Bryce Burkett all went 3-0, Jack Entiger went 2-1 and Kyler Burmeister went 2-0. The Royals earned three individual medals by: Titan Friederichs (121/10th/50-0) earned state championship honors. Bryce Burkett (172/11th/51-0) earned state championship honors. Joel Friederichs (114/10th/46-3) earned second place state honors. Jack Entinger (152/12th/36-12), Kaleb Mead (127/9th/39-6) and Sully Marx (107/9th/22-5) didn’t place. 


The United were defeated by the Section 1AA champions and No. 2AA ranked Kassen-Mantorville 24-35. The United defeated Section 8AA champions Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton the No. 9AA ranked 46-12 in the consolation dual. They were defeated by Section 2AA champions and No. 6AA ranked Watertown-Mayer 42-18. Eli Olson, Ben Gunlogson, Dan Gunlogson and Brady Rhode all went 3-0, Gavin Mortenson, Holland Schachever and Kameron Sather all went 2-1 and Zach DeBeer went 2-0. The United earned two individual state tournament medals by: Dan Gunlogson (139/12th/53-1) earned third place honors and Brady Rhode (285/12th/47-6) earned third place honors. Kameron Sather (145/10th/42-11) went 2-2 and didn’t place. Ben Gunlogson (127/10th/40-13) didn’t place and Eli Olson (107/10th/43-9) didn’t place. Zach DeBeer (215/12th/34-10) didn’t place. 


The Hornets earned one state tournament medal by Carson Gellerman (189/11th/36-7) earned third place honors. Cash Stortz (127/11th/44-4), Zach Smith (152/12th/23-13) and Charles Mikely (172/11th/34-17) didn’t place. 


The Road Crew earned one state tournament medal by Parker Zutter (127/10th/47-8) earned earned fourth place state honors. Riley Peters (285/12th/45-4) and Payton Scott (189/12th/39-13) didn’t place. 


The Wildcats earned one state state tournament medal by Brody Duke (172/12th) earned fourth place state honors. Everett Halverson (152/12th/2714) and Carson McCain (189/27-16) didn’t place. 


The Lightning Casen Brumm (114/9th/37-7) and Nathan Klatt (285/11th/40-3) didn’t place. 


The Lakers earned one state tournament individual medal by Raydon Graham (127/10th/25-12) earned fifth place state honors. Tony Baumann (139/11th/22-11) didn’t place. 


The Knights had a very impressive tournament with three big wins to earn the state championship. They defeated the Section 8AAA champions and No. 12AAA ranked Willmar 42-14 in the quarterfinals. In the semifinals the Knights defeated Section 6AAA champions and No. 6AAA ranked Shakopee 45-14. In the championship they defeated Section 4A champions and No. 1AAA ranked Mounds View 47-10. Lincoln Robideau, Brody Bergeron, Chase Mills, Landon Robideau, Jarrett Wadsen, Jed Wester and John Murphy all went 3-0. Ian Schultz went 2-1 and Noah Torgerson went 2-0. The Knights earned eight individual state tournament medals. Landon Robideau (152/11th/51-0), Jed Wester (172/12th/42-1) and John Murphy (189/10th/31-1) all earned state championships. Lincoln Robideau (114/8th/45-3) and Chase Mills (127/10th/43-6) both earned second place state honors. Jarrett Wadsen (160/11th/32-5) earned fourth place honors, Gavin Jackson (133/10th/35-15) and Noah Torgerson (215/12th/25-4 both earned fifth place state honors. Ian Schultz (139/12th/41-9), Brody Bergeron (121/9th/34-13) and Grant Bergeron (107/9th/25-4) didn’t place. 


The Cardinals were defeated by the No. 2AAA ranked and Section 5 Champions Saint Michael-Albertville 42-11. In the consolation they defeated the Section 2AAA champions and No. 9AAA ranked Apple Valley 41-24. In the fifth place match they defeated the No. 5AAA ranked and Section 3AAA champions Hastings 35-27. Conlan Carlson, Cavin Carlson and Sulley Anez all went 3-0, Cameron Champagne and Ramero Trevino both went 2-1. The Cardinals earned two individual state medals by: Cavin Carlson (133/10th/48-5) earned third place state honors and Sulley Anez (145/11th/40-7) earned sixth place state honors. Conlan Carlson (139/11th/47-6), Steven Cruze (172/11th/37-11) went 2-2, Cameron Champagne (160/10th/33-16), Ivan Mares (127/12th/23-14) and Ramero Trevino (215/12th/24-13) didn’t place.


The Lumberjacks earned one individual state medal, by Parker Orvik (285/12th/47-7) he earned fourth place state honors. Nick Strand (145/10th/43-9), Alex Newby (152/11th/37-12), Brody Castonguay (113/12th/38-16), Gabe Morin (121/10th/47-7) and Gavin Osborn (127/11th/ 17-18 didn’t place. 


The Warriors earned one state individual medal by Easton Dircks (139/10th/47-5) earned sixth place honors.  Elijah Germann (152/12th/28-20), Ethan Kosloski (215/11th/33-15) and Shane Carlson (189/11th/37-4) did not place. 


The Bluejackets earned one state tournament individual medal, by Leo Edblad (114/12th/52-4) earned third place state honors. Maverick Henderson (152/12th/35-17) didn’t place.


The Elks earned one state individual medal by Daunte Sasse-Doering (172/12th/47-5) earned sixth place state honors. 


The Spuds didn’t earned any individual state medals, Dan Ellingsberg (114/10th/38-11) went 2-2 but didn’t place. Lee Ellingsberg (160/12th/37-15) and Landon Rinke (107/7th/18-6) didn’t place. 


The Crush earned two state tournament medals by Jaxon Kenning (172/12th/24-2), he earned second place honors.   Sutton Kenning (189/10th/28-4) earned fifth place honors. Jack Hamak (121/10th/26-11) and Grady Doering (107/10th/18-21) did not place. The Crush will have three of their four state qualifiers return next season. Camryn Kenning (235/12th/8-0) earned the Girls championship honors for the Crush.


The Royals didn’t earn any medals, Grady Weinbrenner (127/10th/35-10) Cole Hamilton (172/12th/28-8) and Zach Kellogg (114/10th/30-12) didn’t place. 


The Bison didn’t earn any medals, Ryan Babatz (285/11th/28-14) and Gabe Roehl (114/9th/28-7) did not place.