By Roger Mischke


MAT RATS PREVIEW (2023-2024)


Head Coach: Josh Joriman

Lake Conference: 6-0

Overall Duals: 26-2 (5AAA Section Champion/2nd STATE AAA)

The Knights will have back seven section place winners, of which all were state qualifiers and all seven earned state medals. They will have five back with experience, in all they will have seven with twenty-six plus wins. They did graduate eight seniors, including four state medalists. Look for them to challenge those dual meet marks and to defend their section championship and make a strong challenge for state honors. 

Returning Wrestlers:

Landon Robideau 11th 49-0 1st Sec./State Champ/AC

Lincoln Robideau     8th 44-8 1st Sec./4th State/AC

Jed Wester 12th 43-2 2nd Sec./State Champ/AC

Ian Schultz 12th 41-9 2nd Sec./5th State/AC

Jarrett Wadsen 11th 40-12 2nd Sec./4th State/AC

Chase Mills 10th 41-11 2nd Sec./6th State/AC

Noah Jorgerson 12th 26-5 2nd Sec./3rd State

Evan Becker 12th 11-18

Tanner Becker 11th   9-7

Bennett Eicher 12th   3-6

Max O’Sullivan 12th   1-4

Gavin Jackson 10th   1-3


Mason Mills 43-6 2nd Sec./2nd Sate/AC  (117 Career Wins)

Eli Davis 41-9 1st Sec./2nd State/AC  (116 Career Wins)

Parker Janssen 40-5 1st Sec./2nd State/AC  (120 Career Wins)

Tyson Hentges 33-16 2nd Sec./AC

Bryon Sauvy 27-19 2nd Sec.

Myles Dehmer 27-12 1st Sec./6th State

Logan Torkelson 26-17 4th Sec.

Tyler Zenga 16-11


Head Coach: Kurt Becker

Wright County Conference: 9-0 (Champions)

Overall Dual: 23-3 (Second 2AA) 

The Royals will have six section place winners back, four were state qualifiers, of which three earned state medals. They will have seven back with a win range of experience.They did graduate seven seniors last spring, of which four were state qualifiers. Look for the Royals to challenge those dual meet marks and to make a challenge to defend their conference and Section honors. 

Returning Wrestlers:

Bryce Burkett 11th 46-1 1st Sec./2nd State/AC

Titan Friederichs 10th 45-0 1st Sec./State Champ./AC

Joel Friederichs 10th 42-6 2nd Sec./4th State/AC

Kaleb Mead     9th 38-12 2nd Sec.

Parker Jackson 11th 34-9 4th Sec./AC

Kyler Burmeister 11th 30-14 4th Sec./AC

Eli Hamberger 12th 24-14

Jack Entinger 12th 24-22

Isaiah Mead 11th   6-9

Xavier Skillings 12th   4-12

Karson Tufte   9th   4-5

Lewis Foley 10th   3-3

Sully Marz   9th   3-7


Jonah Hamberger 35-10 2nd sec./AC (113-45 Career)

Patrick Duske 29-17 5th Sec./AC (79-60 Career)

Steven Duske 28-15 3rd Sec. (55-60 Career)

Jaden Palmer 24-22 (55-63 Career)

Ian Burau 21-4 2nd Sec./AC (21-4 Career)

Jason Fenske 19-9 (42-37 Career)

Ben Baumann   2-8


Head Coach: Chris Donnay

Northwest Suburban Conference: 6-1

Overall Duals: 16-9

The Royals will have ten section place winners back, including one state qualifier and six others with a wide range of experience. They did graduate five last spring, including three section place winners. Look for the Royals to challenge those dual meet marks from last season and to challenge for conference honors. 

Returning Wrestlers:

Grady Weinbrenner 10th 34-8 2nd Sec./AC

Cole Hamilton 12th 25-18 4th Sec./AC

Navarro Kornwolf 12th 23-22 6th Sec./AC

Mason Lund 12th 19-18 4th Sec.

Wyatt Gilmore 12th 18-13 3rd Sec./AC

Sawyer Josewski 11th 15-22 3rd Sec.

Zachary Kellogg 10th 17-19 5th Sec.

Kael Omann 12th 15-18 4th Sec.

Tait Hasseri 12th 11-4 3rd Sec.

Ben Haddad 10th   6-23 6th Sec.

Breck Cassidy 10th   8-3

Jace Carlson 11th   5-7

Steven Daiker 12th   4-22

Sam Welter 12th   3-5

Garrett Honnoll 10th   2-2

Alex Morgando 11th   2-0


Ty Cassidy 32-3 3rd Sec./AC (89-39 Career)

Kelly Omann 32-11 3rd Sec./AC (52-32 Career)

Cole Jordan 28-16 3rd Sec./AC (88-45 Career)

Isaac Bruskiewicz     8-5

Seth Kanter   6-20


Head Coach:  Lance Wurm

Wright County Conference: 4-5

Overall Duals: 11-11

The Panthers will have back four section place winners back and three with  experience. They did graduate four last spring, including three section place winners, one was a state qualifier. Look for this young team to fill in with their younger wresters and to potentially challenge those dual meet marks from last season. 

Returning Wrestlers: 

Brody Ruschmeier 10th 31-16 3rd Sec.

Connor Meyer 12th 22-16 6th Sec.

Brayden Linsmeier   9th 19-26 6th Sec.

Miguel Arandia12th17-23

Jackson Wischnack 10th 14-18 5th Sec.

Jaden Rok 11th   1-11


Jack Cacka 42-4 3rd Sec./AC

Aaron Higgins 31-8 2nd Sec.

Dane Peterson 21-23

Dawson Varpness 19-18 6th Sec. 


Head Coach: Jeff Olson

Wright County Conference: 1-7

Overall Duals: 4-17 

The Tigers will have six section place winners returning, including one state qualifier. They will have eleven back with a wide range of experience, so look for the overall young team to improve on those dual meet marks from last season. The Tigers did graduate two last spring, so look for them to possibly move up on the WCC and maybe surprise some people along the way. 

Returning Wrestlers: 

Cale Olson 12th 40-10 2nd Sec./AC

Tate Olson   9th 26-13 3rd Sec.

Landon Hinchcliff 12th 23-22 5th Sec.

Isaiah Depa 10th 22-18 4th Sec.

Jeff Ritter 10th 15-12 6th Sec.

Grant Horeis 12th 11-18 5th Sec.

Lincoln Hamm 10th 11-17

Zane Kestner 10th 11-14

Peter Depa 12th   9-21

Isaac Jacobson 12th     6-16

Laken Triplett 12th   4-11

Leland Czanstkowki 10th   3-1

Gus Becker     8th   3-1

Bryce Beyer     8th   2-4

Ben Nellis 12th   2-8

Cristian Matsuda   8th   2-1

Daniel Jacobson 11th   1-3


Tyler Morsching   3-12

Nick Nokleby   2-5


Head Coach: Bryan Nelson

Mississippi 8 Conference: 1-6

Overall Duals: 8-16 

The Wildcats will have back seven section place winners, including three state qualifiers. They will have three with a great deal of experience also returning. They did graduate thee section place winners, so look for this team to challenge their dual meet marks from last season. The Wildcats should give several people a very competitive dual. 

Returning Wrestlers: 

Brycen Morley 11th 37-9 3rd Sec.

Logan Bender 11th 28-9 2nd Sec./6th State

Connor Frederixon 11th 28-12 2nd Sec.

Chuck Gillman 11th 24-12 4th Sec.

Michael Amos 11th 18-14 2nd Sec. ??????

Braxton Bender-Ehlke 11th 18-17 4th Sec.

Reed Bleymeyer 12th 17-15 4th Sec.

Franklin Stark 12th   9-23

Brannick Malchow     8th   9-9

Conner Aspenson 10th   5-8


Andrew Novak 21-7 3rd Sec.

Stephen Weiss 12-27 6th Sec.

Riley Palmer 10-11 5th Sec.