MAT RATS 2023-2024 Section 6AA Preview


By Roger Mischke

MAT RATS PREVIEW (2023-2024)





Head Coach: Travis Holt

Mississippi 8 Conference: 7-0

Overall Duals: 24-6

The Bulldogs will have back eight section place winners, including four state qualifiers. They did graduate seven seniors including four state qualifiers, of which two earned earned state medals. They should make  a strong challenge to defend their section and conference honors. They will have five back with 35 plus wins, and four with varsity experience. The Section 6AA dual meet campaign should be a very competitive one, with four teams that could challenge the Bulldogs for the section honors. 

Returning Wrestlers:

Kaden Nicolas 11th 50-5 1st Sec.2nd State/AC

Landen Kujawa 11th 44-8 2nd Sec./AC

Drew May 12th 38-15 3rd Sec.

Owen Angell 11th 35-4 2nd Sec./AC

Bennett Kujawa   9th 35-18 1st Sec./5th State/AC

Blayne Kuschel   8th 16-13 4th Sec.

Boston Kuschel   9th15-7

Jake Rosenow 11th 12-14 6th Sec.

Nolan Jurek 11th 10-19 6th Sec.

Lance Lyadal 11th   9-12

Jackson Fischer 11th   5-5

Landon McChesney 10th   1-4


Adam Jurek 41-10 2nd Sec./AC (153-60 Career)

Tyson Ricker 48-4 1st Sec./5th State/AC (119-39 Career)

Ethan Duncombe 39-6 1st Sec./5th State/AC (101-51 Csreer)

Dylan Kolby 24-5 1st Sec./AC (94-25 Career)

Dylan Weber 27-22 5th Sec./AC (78-46 Career

Ryan Boecker   8-8

Nolan Muellner   3-10


Head Coach: Chris Ratke

Granite Ridge Conference: 4-2

Overall Duals: 17-13

The Falcons will have six section place winners, and a dozen with a great deal of varsity experience. The Falcons have ten back with ten plus wins, they did graduate two seniors, including one state qualifier. If the Falcons can stay injury free, as they struggled thru several injuries last season, they should make a challenge for possible section honors. They should make big improvement of their dual meet marks from last season. Again if they stay healthy and spread out in their weights they should have a good season.

Returning Wrestlers:

Cyler Ruhoff 12th 37-5 3rd Sec./AC

Alex Jennissen 12th 34-9 3rd Sec./AC

Jacob DeMarais   8th 26-16 3rd Sec./AC

Wyatt Wall 10th 23-18 5the Sec.

Joe Prom 11th 16-8 Injured

Josiah Peterson 12th   5-1 Injured/30-12 2 yrs ago

Noah Brunn10th17-17

Gavin Owen12th16-27

Keegan Frisbie 11th 14-13 4th Sec.

Hunter Wilhelmi 10th 13-7

Will Gutormson 10th 11-5

Wyatt Britz   8th 10-14

Tyler Wilhelmi 11th 10-14 6th Sec.

Wyatt Lueck 11th   5-10

Zane Moulzolf 10th   5-2

Blake Herbst 11th   2-4

Cayden Hamsmeier 10th   1-7

Nolan Maleska 11th   1-1


Cole Rudniski 33-8 2nd Sec./AC (92-40 Career)

Aiden Micholski 25-15 Injured/AC (45-29 Career) 


Head Coach: Dustin Kramer

Central Lakes Conference: 5-2

Overall Duals: 16-12

The Spartans will have back seven section place winners, including a pair of state qualifiers, including one state medal winner. They will have twelve back with a great deal of experience, including eight with nineteen plus wins. They graded just one senior, so look for the Spartans to challenge those dual meet marks from last season. If they get spread out in their weights they could make a challenge for section honors and possible for Conference honors. 

Returning Wrestlers: 

Grady Minnerath 12th 44-4 1st Sec/3rd State/AC

Mason Orth 12th 37-9 3rd Sec./AC

Evan Moscho 12th 36-10 2nd Sec./AC

Jack Major 12th 29-16 3rd Sec.

Kameron Moscho 10th 29-10 3rd Sec./AC

Nathan Soldner 12th 24-11

Mason Moscho   8th 19-10 

Christian Rodriguez 12th 18-16 6th Sec.

Zac Humbert   9th 12-13

Anthony Brown 11th 11-15 6th Sec.

Sawyer Minnerath 10th   8-15

Renner Haven   9th   8-11

Davey Maldonado 11th   7-2

Ryder Kremers   9th   7-7

Anthony Rodriguez 11th   6-8

Darren Richardson 10th   5-12

Jayden Garcia 10th   2-5

Laklen Vogel 11th   1-3

Carson Alvardo- Konz 10th   1-3


Matthew Goebel 6-4 (50-44 Career)


Head Coach: Joe Puncochar

Wright County Conference: 6-3

Overall Duals: 28-8

The Lakers will have back from their great season last years with state dual meet honors and Section 4A honors. Although they are in AA this season, they will have back ten section place winners, including five state qualifiers and one state medal winner. They did graduate four seniors last spring, including four section place winners, three were state qualifiers and one earned a second place state medal. Look for the Lakers to make a strong challenge for Section 6AA honors, they will have nine with nineteen plus wins back. If they get their weights spread out they will possibly challenge those very good dual meet marks from last season.

Returning Wrestlers:

Raydon Graham 10th 46-8 1st Sec./2nd State/AC

Colton Long 12th 34-15 1st Sec.

Tony Baumann 11th 33-17 1st Sec.

Tyler Graczyk 12th 27-13 2nd Sec.

Gabriel Michels 12th 25-25 4th Sec.

Carter Michels 11th 24-9 2nd Sec.

Steve Heber 12th 22-14 3rd Sec.

Mathew Busse 11th 19-9 3rd Sec.

Ryker Clobes   9th 19-18 5th Sec.

Tegan Miller 10th 11-17 6th Sec.

Alex Ogle   8th 11-13

Charlie Mumford 11th 10–5

Caleb Boese 11th   9-2 Injured

Wiley Wiegert 12th   5-2 Injured

Porter Matheson 12th   4-6

Leo Duske 11th   3-21


Collin Boese 41-4 1st Sec./2nd State/AC (180-43 Career)

Mitchel Mallak 43-8 1st Sec./AC (160-59 Career)

Isaac Cain 26-13 3rd Sec./AC (42-42 Career)

Jakob Duske 23-16 2nd Sec. (48-57 Career) 


Head Coach: Ben Youngs

Wright County Conference: 8-1

Overall Duals: 27-6

The Lightning will have back six section place winners including a pair of state qualifiers and five others with a great deal of experience. They did graduate four section place winners last spring, so look for the Lightning to challenge their dual numbers from last season and to make a run in the conference. They will have eight back with twenty plus wins, so if they stay healthy and spread out in their weights they will give most teams a very good challenge. 

Returning Wrestlers:

Cassen Brumm   9th 36-8 2nd Sec./AC

Nathan Klatt 11th 35-11 2nd Sec.AC

Shay McClory 12th 27-12 4th Sec.

Ayden Fitzgerald 11th 24-17 5th Sec.

Cole LaFave 12th 24-16 4th Sec.

Porter Pribyl 11th 25-13

Jack Nilson 12th 21-10 Injured

Adam Klatt   9th 20-11 4th Sec.

Carter Courtright 11th 12-18

Davis Vrolson 12th   6-9

Nathan Zander 12th   2-9


Noah Gindele 22-4 4th Sec./AC (110-22 Career)

Mitchell Koss 26-5 4th Sec. (104-28 Career)

Xavier Jones 32-9 4th Sec. (67-25 Career)

Riley Hall 21-12 6th Sec. (96-45 Career) 


Head Coach: Ryan Prom

Mississippi 8 Conference: 3-4

Overall Duals: 11-13

The Hornets will have back seven section place winners, including three state qualifiers. They will have eight back with experience, so look for this young team to make strides of improvement thru out the season. They did graduate two seniors, both state qualifiers.  If the Hornets spread out in the weights, they should make a strong challenge to improve on those dual meet numbers. They will have five back with twenty-one wins plus, they could give many teams a challenge by the seasons end! 

Returning Wrestlers:

Cash Stortz 11th 32-11 5th Sec./AC

Zach Smith 12th 30-11 2nd Sec.

Carson Gellerman 11th 30-12 2nd Sec.

Dallas Sibbet 11th 25-18 4th Sec.

Kale Westgaard 10th 21-14 4th Sec./AC

Trajan Mussehl 12th 15-25 6th Sec.

Cooper Cusick 11th 13-10

Beau McCrane 10th 13-20

Cash McCrane 12th   7-13

Gauge Hoffman 12th   7-20

Mason Krebs 11th   5-16

Jack Christianson 12th   2-2

Henry Kuchera 10th   2-7

Gavin Jones 11th   1-11

Charles Mikely 11th   1-3


Nolan Reiter 34-4 1st Sec./3rd State/AC (144-19 Csreer)

Kane LaPointe 31-12 2nd Sec./AC (74-61 Career)


Head Coach: Brian Hellman

Granite Ridge Conference:


The Tigers will have four section place winners back, including one state qualifier and three with experience. They did graduate six seniors last spring. 

Returning Wrestlers:

Will Schultz 12th 28-9 4th Sec.

Levi Thompson 10th 28-6 1st Sec./AC

Bryce Haubenschild 12th 23-14 5th Sec.

Dalton Vanderbeek 12th 16-16 5th Sec.

Kevin Boeke 10th 14-22

Isaac Thompson 11th 14-22

Brenden Marstein 10th   6-23


Tyler Wells 38-0 1st Sec./State Champ/AC

Parker Adkins 36-6 1st Sec./5th State/AC

Riley Paetznick-Huhtala 18-6 5th Sec.

James Kohl 18-21 6th Sec.

Noah Vanderbeek 11-10

Isaac Nelson 13-7 


Co-Head Coaches: Bryan Clemen/Dan Buker

Wright County Conference: 2-7

Overall Duals: 3-14

The Coop had two section place winners returning along with eight with experience. They did graduate five seniors last spring, including a pair of state qualifiers. If they can fill in with some younger wrestlers and spread out in their weights they should challenge those dual meet numbers from last year. You should see steady improvement from this crew. 

Returning Wrestlers:

Spence Henke 11th 27-15 3rd Sec.

Luis Serrato 12th   8-11 5th Sec.

Anton Cox 11th     5-15

Anthony Briseno 11th   4-15

Branden Aho 11th   4-18

Logan Sander 12th   2-4

Isaac Stead 12th   1-24


Tate Link 33-3 1st Sec./6th State/AC

Victor Franco 14-4 4th Sec.

Gabe Nelson 36-13 4th Sec./AC

Chase Housman 10-17

Logan Sander


Head Coach: Ron Reszel

Granite Ridge Conference: 1-5

Overall Duals: 2-17

The Huskies will have back five section place winners and nine with a great deal of experience. They did graduate one senior last spring, so look for strides of improvement thru out the season from the Huskies. They should make big improvement on those dual meets number marks from last season. 

Returning Wrestlers:

Owen Carlson 12th 38-9 4th Sec./AC

Mason Plumski 12th 32-13 4th Sec.

Nathan Kollmann 11th 22-21 5th Sec.

Jimmy Carlisle 12th 15-16 6th Sec./AC

Joseph Schmidt 12th 12-9 6th Sec./AC

Connor Plumski   9th 10-9

Zach Gruber 10th   4-7

Marverick Kotschevar 10th   4-6

Blake Iverson   9th   4-24

Reed Moulzolf 10th   3-33

Cooper Brinkman 12th   2-10

Ace Donabauer 10th   2-15

Bert Schulte   9th   1-6

Dylan Hoffarth   9th   1-2


Carson Holthaus 26-20 6th Sec. (51-54 Career)


Head Coach: Derik Gilbertson

Central Lakes Conference: 0-7

Overall Duals: 1-21

The Storm will have one section place winner back, of which earned a state tournament medal. They will have six back with experience and they graduated one senior last spring. Look for them to fill in with some younger wrestlers. They should challenge those dual meet numbers from last season. Look for steady improvement from this young team. 

Returning Wrestlers:

Vance Barz 12th 32-6 2nd Sec./3rd State/AC

Jack Barz 10th 16-21

John Carter-Pesta     9th 11-25


Kieran Hixon 28-12 AC


Head Coach: Justin Werk

Tri-Metro Conference Champions

Overall Duals: 12-20

The Sting will have two section place winners returning and eighteen with a great deal of experience. The Sting dealt with some injuries last season. If this crew stays healthy and spread in their weights, look for them to challenge those dual meet marks and make a strong challenge to defend their conference honors. They graduated just one senior last spring, so with nine back with fourteen plus wins, look for a very successful season from the Sting. They could surprise some teams along the way. 

Returning Wrestlers:

Addan Schmidt 12th 34-14 6th Sec.

Jesse Farrell12th31-12

Ethan Schmidt 12th 30-12 4th Sec.

Aiden Sund   9th 17-28

Henry Christopherson 12th 16-26

Nate Jorgenson 11th 16-28

Cooper Reemts   9th 16-19


Head Coach: Patrick Burch

Granite Ridge Conference: 0-6

Overall Duals: 3-17

The Thunder will have back two section place winners and nine with experience. Look for this young team, if they stay healthy to make steady improvement thru out the season. They did graduate two section place winners last spring. The Thunder could challenge those dual meet marks from last season. 

Returning Wrestlers:

Beau Dipprey 12th 25-12 5th Sec./AC

Zander Spitzmueller 11th 15-19 6th Sec.

Christopher Belair 11th 14-13

Conner Klinkhammer 10th   4-5

Ashton Weiser 12th   1-5

Cole Klinkhammer 12th   4-5

Gabe Swenson   9th   2-4

Tristan Stoner 10th   3-4

Dalton Bryner 10th   1-2

Bryce Nordlund 10th   2-5


Brooks Howard 24-13 5th Sec./AC (35-39 Career)

Sam Miller 16-21 5th Sec. (49-53 Career)