By Roger Mischke

MAT RATS PREVIEW (2022-2023)


FAVORITES: Dover-Eyota Eagles and the Chatfield Gophers

DARK HORSES: Kenyon-Wanamingo Knights and the Goodhue Wildcats


Head Coach: Matt Mauseth

Three Rivers Conference: 9-0

Overall: 15-2

The Gophers defeated FMCC 63-13 and then defeated Caledonia-Houston in their semifinal section dual 44-21. They lost to Dover-Eyota 34-30 in the section championship. The Gophers graduated five last spring including four section place winners, of which one was a state champion. They will have eight section place winners returning including four state qualifiers. This includes eight with twenty wins plus. Look for the Gophers and the Eagles to battle for a ticket to the state tournament. Their leaders should include: Javier Berg (30-10), Gage Bartels (31-10), Kail Schott (37-6), Ben Carrier (28-10), Carson Rowland (26-11), Lukas Carrier (21-16), Ryan House (20-12). 


Kail Schott 11th 37-6 1st Section/AC

Ayden Goetzinger 12th 32-9 1st Section

Gage Bartels 11th 31-10 2nd Section/AC

Javier Berg 10th 30-10 1st Section/AC

Ben Carrier 10th 28-10 3rd Section/AC

Carson Rowland 10th 26-11 4th Section/AC

Lukas Carrier 12th 21-16 4th Section

Ryan House 12th 20-12 6th Section/AC

Jack Dornack 11th 20-21 4th Section

Tad Evans12th14-11

Kaiden Johnson   9th 10-4

Nathan Allen 11th 10-9

Sully Ferguson 11th   8-10

Jackson Scheild 12th   6-13

Alden Pearson 10th   4-6

Ayden Miner 10th   3-2

Miles Muhern 10th   3-4


Grady Schott 41-1 1st Sec./State Champ/AC/135-39 Career

Ethan Ruskell 28-11 3rd Section/AC

Caden Nolte 22-9 3rd Section/AC

Campbell Berge   8-7 6th Section/Injured/72-54 Career

Dallas Burris   7-10


Head Coach: Brain Lehnertz

Three Rivers Conference: 6-1

Overall: 20-10

The Eagles defeated Goodhue 45-30, GMLOS 64-11 and Chatfield 33-30 in the Section 1A championship. the Eagles defeated Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa in the state quarterfinals 30-26. In the semifinals they were defeated by Royalton-Upsala 34-33, they were defeated 35-31 by the West Central Area Knights. The Eagles had twelve section place winners last year and two state medal winners. They will have back nine of their section place winners including their state place winners and three state qualifiers. They graduated three seniors including a pair of state qualifiers,  they should be in a real dog fight for the top spot in section one with Chatfield. They will have back seven with twenty wins plus. Their leaders should include: Gavin Gust (40-1), Bolton Thesing (39-13), Brody Kellen (38-8), Aidan Gasper (32-20), Jackson Duellman (28-7), Landon Lehnertz (26-15) and Damon Bye (26-16). 


Gavin Gust 12th 40-1 1st Sec./State Champion/AC

Bolton Thesing 11th 39-13 2nd Section/AC

Brodie Kellen 12th 38-8 1st Sec./6th State/AC

Aidan Gasper 11th 32-20 5th Section

Jackson Duellman 12th 28-7 1st Section/AC

Landon Lehnertz 11th 26-15 3rd Section/AC

Damon Bye 11th 26-16 5th Section/AC

Caden Haag   8th 19-22 3rd Section/AC

Tyler Mix 12th 18-9 2nd Section

Brandon Shea   9th 12-17

Bronson Shea   9th 11-15

Steven Halbakken 12th   7-12

Cooper Hanson 10th   7-7

Jackson Welsh 11th   7-13

Tayden Ludescher 10th   6-12

William Halbakken 11th   4-7

Jacob Dessner 12th   3-4

Nathan Krisik 11th   3-19

Max Loftus   8th   3-9


Treyton Thesing 29-13 2nd Section/AC/100-93 Career

Grady Eaton 29-21 2nd Section

Addison Honsey 11-16 6th Section


Head Coach: Nathan Lexvold

Gopher Conference: 5-1

Overall: 22-8

The Knights were defeated in their quarterfinal dual 38-27 by Caledonia-Houston. They did post a good 22-8 dual meet record and have no one that  graduated.  They will return nine section place winners, including one state qualifier. They should have six wrestlers in the line up with 29 plus wins. With the right match ups they give the Eagles or the Gophers a battle. Their key leaders should include: Jaeden Johnson (39-5), Reed Sommer (32-12), Masyn Hanson (32-14), Will VanEpps (31-11), Gavin Johnson (30-10) and Dillon Bartel (29-9). 


Jaeden Johnson 12th 39-5 2nd Section

Reed Sommer 10th 32-12 ` 4th Section

Masyn Hanson 10th 32-14 3rd Section

Will VanEpps 11th 31-11 3rd Section

Gavin Johnson 11th 30-10 3rd Section

Dillon Bartel 11th 29-9 3rd Section

Landon Trump 11th 18-20

Charles Koncur 10th 15-20 6th Section

Gage Thompson 12th 15-22

Owen Craig 10th 15-21 6th Section

Austin Avery 11th 10-23


Head Coach: Shay Mahoney

Three Rivers Conference: 5-3

Overall: 16-7

The Warriors defeated Kenyon-Wanamingo in their section quarterfinal dual. they were defeated by Chatfield in the semifinal 44-21. They put 16-7 dual meet marks last season. The Warriors graduated just one senior, a section champion and they will have returning eleven, including two state place winners and two others that were state qualifiers. They will have eight back with twenty wins plus. Look for them to continue to make leaps and steps of improvement thru out the season. Their key leaders should include: Owen Denstad (46-5), Isaac Blocker (41-7), Tucker Ginther (35-9), Braxton Lange (33-17), Eric Mauss (27-17), Cory Scanlan (26-15) and Simon Seymour (26-19). 


Owen Denstad 11th 46-5 1st Sec./3rd State/AC

Isaac Blocker 11th 41-7 3rd Section/AC

Tucker Ginther 12th 35-9 2nd Section

Braxton Lange 10th 33-17 2nd Sec./4th State

Ayden Goetzinger 12th 32-9 1st Section/AC

Eric Mauss 12th 27-17 3rd Section

Simon Seymour 12th 26-19 3rd Section

Cory Scanlan 12th 26-15 3rd Section

Tyler Jennings 12th 16-22 5th Section

Grant Ness 12th 15-18 5th Section

Alex Weinbender 12th 11-23

Tanner Ginther 10th   8-10 4th Section

Austin Swenson 10th   8-19 


Brandon Ross 19-4 1st Section/Injured/120-20 Career


Head Coach: Josh Grant

Hiawatha Valley Conference: 6-1

Overall: 25-5

The Wildcats had a very good season, as they posted a 25-5 and 6-1 conference dual records. They defeated St. Charles in their quarter final dual 60-10 and were defeated in the semifinals by Dover-Eyota 45-30. They had fourteen section place winners, including six state qualifiers, three of which earned metals. The Wildcats had eight graduate last year, they will have seven section place winners returning, including a state qualifier. Look for the Wildcats to have their younger guys fill in and make steady improvement. They should be a solid top four team in this tough section. Their leaders should include: Carson O’Reilly (27-19), Jeremiah O’Reily (25-12), Caleb Kurtti (24-9), Kade Altendorf (21-16), Jeremiah Bien (23-15) and Beau Jäegermeister (19-9). 


Carson O’Reilly 11th 27-19 6th Section

Jeremiah O’Reilly 12th 25-12 5th Section

Caleb Kurtti 10th 24-9 2nd Section

Jeremiah Bien 11th 23-15 5th Section

Kade Altendorf 12th 21-16 4th Section

Beau Jaeger 12th 19-9 5th Section

Lucas Erickson 10th 16-18 6th Section


Lucas Bortz 47-5 1st Sec./3rd State

Maddox O’Reilly 39-9 1st Sec./5th State

Makae O’Reilly 38-12 1st Section

Ryan Bortz 36-6 1st Sec./2nd State

Cody Lohman 29-10 2nd Section

Ethan Breuer 24-17 5th Section

Mason Lohman 29-10 2nd Section


Head Coach: Randy Smith

Three Rivers Conference: 4-5

Overall: 11-12

The Bulldogs were defeated in their quarter final section duals by Dover-Eyota. They graduated three last spring, including three section placers, of which one was a state qualifier. They will be returning six with experience, including three section place winners, including one state qualifier. They could challenge their dual meet marks if they can fill in and they continue to improve thru out the season. Their key leaders should include: Cohen Wiste (41-6), Aiden Quintana (30-16), Braxton Wiste (29-15) and Timmy Hogfeldt (21-25). 


Cohen Wiste 12th 41-6 2nd Section/AC

Aiden Quintana 12th 30-16 4th Section

Braxton Wiste 11th 29-15 5th Section

Timmy Hogfeldt 10th 21-25

Teague Alden 10th 12-25

Dark Payne     9th   7-14


Donavon Felten 38-6 3rd Section/AC

Christian Luthe 26-11 1st Section/AC

Cole Sheely 23-24 5th Section


Head Coach: Scott Kobs

Three Rivers Conference: 3-5

Overall: 11-12

The Saints defeated Wabasha-Kellogg in the section preliminary dual 48-21. They were defeated in the quarter finals by Goodhue 60-10. The Saints did have five section place winners, including two state qualifiers that earned state medals. They had two graduate last spring, including two section place winners, of which one was a a state place winner. They will return seven with double figure wins, including three section place winner, of which one was a state medal winner. Look for the Saints to make steady improvement, they could challenge their dual meet marks from last season. Their key leaders should include: Tytan Small (36-11), Chase Kobs (23-17), Colton Mathison (17-24), Braxton Wohlferd (16-22) and Aidan Olson (15-18).


Tytan Small 12th 36-11 2nd Sec./5th State/AC

Chace Kobs 12th 23-17

Colton Mathison 10th 17-24 6th Section

Braxton Wohlferd   9th 16-22

Aidan Olson 11th 15-18 6th Section

Bryndon Koeppel   9th 13-18

Jonas Barclay 11th 12-25


Jett Thoreson 38-7 2nd Sec./4th State/AC/143-53 Career

Carter Mathison 20-14 4th Section/AC/59-53 Career


Head Coach: 

Three Rivers Conference: 3-9

Overall: 11-11

The Wolves defeated Triton in a preliminary section dual 37-12 and they were defeated in the quarterfinals by Chatfield 63-13. The Wolves had five section place winners and five others with a good deal of experience. They did graduate three last spring, including one section place winner. Look for this crew to continue to make strides of improvement. Their key leaders should include: Kane Larson (33-8), Orion Gass (33-10), Oliver Hoeltzie (33-10), Carter Hovland (25-19), Caleb Barth (20-11) and Connor Wingert (19-17). 


Kane Larson   9th 33-8 4th Section/AC

Orion Gass 12th 33-10 6th Section/AC

Oliver Hoeltzie 12th 33-10 4th Section

Carter Hovland 12th 25-19

Connor Wingert 11th 19-17 6th Section

Aaron Hulton 12th 15-21 4th Section

Cole Gass 10th 11-22

Clayton Knutson 12th   8-22


Body Wright 19-19 5th Section

Wyatt Jensen   8-14


Head Coach: Mark Evjen

Hiawatha Valley Conference:


The Cobras were defeated in the section preliminary dual. They had five section place winners, with four of them returning along with three others with a great of experience. Look for this team to fill in with some of their younger wrestlers and continue to improve. Their key leaders should included: Owen Garness (23-11), Hunter Stark (21-18), Austin Adreon (19-18) and Brayden Rohwer (15-28). 


Owen Garness 12th 23-11 4th Section

Hunter Stark 11th 21-18 6th Section