By Roger Mischke

MAT RATS PREVIEW (2022-2023)





C0-Head Coaches: Eric Wagner 

Gopher Conference: 6-0

Overall: 23-6

The Coop had a great season with a section and conference championship, they earned fourteen section place winners, including seven state qualifiers. They posted good dual meet numbers for the season of 23-6. They defeated St. Clair/Mankato Loyola 69-7, Medford 42-22 and Blue Earth 37-28 for their section championship. they dropped their quarterfinal state dual to the Class A champions JCC 52-9 and to Kimball in the consolation dual 39-23. They did graduate a great bunch of seniors including four state qualifiers, but look for overall young team to continue to improve after their state tourney experience. They should challenge their dual numbers and for both conference and section honor this season. Their key leaders should include: Cooper Ochsendorf (44-6), Wyatt Walters (37-14), Braxton Simon (33-20), Byron Getchell (26-16), Noah Zielger (21-21) and Laken Ivie (16-15). 


Cooper Ochsendorf 12th 44-6 2nd Section/AC

Wyatt Walters 10th 37-14 2nd Section

Braxton Simon 11th 33-20 2nd Section

Byron Getchell 10th 26-16 3rd Section

Noah Zielger 12th 21-21 5th Section

Kolt Bullerman   9th 17-29 6th Section

Laken Ivie 11th 16-15 3rd Section

Isaiah Gonzalez 10th 12-12


Boden Simon 45-6 1st Section/AC/167-69 Career

Ethan Evenson 41-8 1st Section/AC/151-75 Career

Konner Harpestad 37-14 2nd Section/86-62 Career

Thayne Decker 35-11 3rd Section/AC/95-71 Career

Ethan Elvebak 29-16 2nd Section/106-70 Career

Collin VanCleave 15-23 3rd Section

Colten Berkner   9-23 6th Section


Head Coach: Dan Eckhart

Big South East Conference: 4-2

Overall: 13-13

The Buccaneers defeated New Richland-Ellendale-Geneva 40-28 and they were defeated in the section final by Maple River/USC 37-28. They had twelve section place winners, including three state qualifiers. They graduated five, including two state qualifiers. They will have returning seven section place winners including one state qualifiers and three others with varsity experience. Look for the Buccaneers to challenge those dual meet numbers from last season and possibly move up on the conference standings. They should make a challenge for the finals of what could be a pretty balanced dual meet campaign. Their key leaders should include: Carson Sturtz (26-14), Cooper Peterson (26-15), Parker Meyers (24-19), Caleb Langager (21-16), Cory Kitchel (19-15) and Kade Gaydon (17-16). 


Carson Sturtz 12th 26-14 4th Section

Cooper Peterson 11th 26-15 4th Section

Parker Meyers 12th 24-19 4th Section

Caleb Langager 11th 21-16 5th Section

Cory Kitchel 11th 19-15 2nd Section

Kade Gaydon 11th 17-16 3rd Section

Blair Lunz 12th 10-24 6th Section

Timmy Nagel   9th   9-26

Ethan Oppedal 11th   6-25

Karen Sunken 12th   5-9

Zach Benson 12th   5-15 5th Section

Ben Anderson 11th   5-11 6th Section


Adam Schavery 33-10 1st Section/AC/70-34 Career

Kean Hicks 31-8 2nd Section/AC/75-51 Career

Kale Frank 19-18 5th Section/22-15 Career

Nick Lawrence   6-6

Elijah Sanchez   4-5


Head Coach: Dennis Whitman

Gopher Conference: 6-1

Overall: 14-3

The Tigers were defeated in the section finals by MR/USC 42-22 after a pair of wins over Lake Crystal 39-24 and WEM/JWP 42-22. The Tigers had a young team and they did have to deal with some injury issues. This team if they stay healthy should continue to make strides of improvement. They posted very good dual meet marks last season, look for them to make a strong challenge for both section and conference honors. The Tigers had nine section place winners back, including six state qualifiers. Three Tigers earned state medals last year including a state championship and they have three others back with experience. They will have nine twenty plus match winners back this season. Their key leaders should include Tommy Elwood (38-9), Tate Hermes (38-8), Dylan Heiderscheidt (31-11), Luis Lopez (29-16), Evan Schweisthal (25-15), Garron Hoffman (25-10), Jack Meyer (24-15), Charlie Elwood (21-1) and Kaden Harfmann (20-21). 


Tate Hermes 12th 38-8 1st Sec./2nd State/AC

Tommy Elwood 10th 38-9 1st Sec./5th State/AC

Dylan Heiderscheidt 12th 31-11 2nd Section

Luis Lopez 11th 29-16 1st Section

Garron Hoffman 12th 25-10 1st Section

Evan Schweisthal 11th 25-15 3rd Section

Jack Meyer 12th 24-15 3rd Section

Charlie Elwood 12th 21-1 1st Sec./State Champion

Kaden Harfmann10th20-21

Kantola Gonzalex 12th 14-10

Mason Degrood 10th   6-11 3rd Section

Connor Wilson   9th   5-7


Co-Head Coaches: David Lassahn/Shane Masching 

Gopher Conference: 3-3

Overall: 14-12

The Razorbacks had a very young team last year, they were defeated in the prelim dual by LCWMl 37-36. This group had eleven section place winners, of which three were state qualifiers. They have back nine section place winners, two were state qualifiers and seven with double figure wins. Look for a great deal of improvement in this team, they should challenge their dual meet marks. Their key leaders should include: Bo Zwiemer (32-6), Kevin Hodge (24-14), Hunter Simonson (26-12), Cade Christianson (24-15), Sam Pirkl (17-12) and Ty Bronson (15-14). 


Bo Zuiener 10th 32-6 1st Section

Hunter Simonson 10th 26-12 5th Section

Cade Christainson 11th 24-15 2nd Section

Kevin Hodge 11th 24-14 3rd Section

Sam Pirkl 12th 17-12 4th Section

Ty Bronson 11th 15-14 4th Section

Brody Johnson 11th 11-19 4th Section

Vincent Hernandez 10th 7-22 4th Section

Grant Magnuson   9th 3-22 5th Section


Tyler Archer 31-8 1st Section

Sam Skillestad 15-16 5th Section


Head Coach: Nate Meixell

Valley Conference: 2-1

Overall: 14-12

The Knights defeated Westfield in their section dual 37-36 and they were defeated by Medford 39-34. The Knights had twelve section place winners, this young team had one state qualifier and they did graduate two last spring, both were section place winners. They will return ten section place winners, including one state qualifier. They will have ten back with double figure wins and three others with experience. If they stay healthy and continue to improve that should challenge their dual meet marks from last season. Their key leaders should include: Nick Slater (33-17), Justin Slater (31-15), Logan Quade (28-13, Carson Othoudt (23-15), Grffin Gimenez (19-9), Talan Osborne (19-17)  and Jermaine Arrington (19-14). 


Nick Slater 10th 33-17 4th Section

Justin Slater 12th 31-15 1st Section

Logan Quade 10th 28-13 5th Section/AC

Carson Othoudt   8th 23-15 3rd Section/AC

Griffin Gimenez 11th 19-9 4th Section

Talan Osborne   9th 19-17 4th Section

Jermaine Arrinton 11th 19-14 5th Section

Zach Palmer   9th 16-18 5th Section

Ryder McMichael 10th 13-24 5th Section

Noah Godeman 11th   8-20 5th Section

Dietrich Rosin   9th   8-25

Ryan Palmer 10th   5-0 Injured


Alex Harnitz 27-16 4th Section/49-58 Career

Ean Gilman 16-26 6th Section/42-73 Career


Head Coach: Shawn Larson

Gopher Conference: 2-4

Overall: 13-17

The Panthers were defeated in their section quarterfinal dual by Blue Earth Area 40-28. They did earn nine section place winners, including four state qualifiers, they have back six section placers and two state qualifiers. They will also have ten others with varsity experience. Looks for this young team to challenge both their dual meet numbers and to possibly move up in the conference. Their key leaders should include: Makota Misgen (42-7), George Roesler (21-7), Ben Hagen (15-12) and Devan Parpart (17-15) 


Makota Misgen 12th 42-7 2nd Sec./2nd State

George Roesler 11th 21-7 3rd Section

Annabelle Petsinger 11th 18-20

Ben Hagen 10th 15-12 3rd Section/Transfered)

Devan Parpart   9th 17-15 6th Section

Ryan Schlaak   8th   9-10 4th Section

Harbor Cromwell 11th   8-16 6th Section

Aiden Schlaak 10th11-22

Aden Berg 12th 10-17

Jacob Karl   9th   7-13

Seth Staloch 10th   5-23

Parker Bunn 11th   3-3


Ralph Roesler 45-3 1st Sec./2nd State/AC/118-57 Career

Nikolas Petsinger 39-9 2nd Section/AC/100-71 Career

Clay Stenzel 27-20 3rd Section/68-87 Career


Head Coach: Adam Roesler

Gopher Conference: 1-6

Overall: 6-19

They were defeated by Medford in their quarterfinal dual 47-33. They had a very young team, that earned Section section medals, including one state qualifier that earned a state medal, along with four others with experience. They have seven back with fifteen wins plus, look for this young team to improve on their dual meet marks from last season. Their key leaders should include: Keegan Kuball (37-4), Carson Petry (25-6), Lucas Morsching (24-22), Gavin Kruse (22-21) and JackCahill (19-20). 


Keegan Kuball 10th 37-4 1st Section

Carson Petry 10th 25-6 2nd Sec./6th State

Lucas Morsching 10th 24-22 3rd Section

Gavin Krause 11th 22-21 4th Section

Jack Cahill 12th 19-20 5th Section

Sam Carlson 12th 15-18 6th Section

Maddox Moreno 10th   7-26 6th Section

Patrick Adams 11th   7-25

Zach Quast   9th   5-24

Charles Adams   9th   3-19


Head Coach: Giovanni Alvarado

Valley Conference: 

Overall: 5-19

The Cyclones had six section place winners last season, of which five will be returning, including one state qualifier and four others with experience. Their key leaders should include: Simon Kruse (47-6), Eli Kruse (42-8), Lucas Vaughan (28-21) and Chase Bade (22-28).


Simon Kruse 12th 47-6 1st Section/AC

Eli Kruse 11th 42-8 3rd Section/AC

Lucas Vaughan   9th 28-21 2nd Section

Chase Bade 10th 22-28 5th Section

Brody McClinton   8th   9-22 6th Section

Parker Osmanson   9th   7-24

Jacob Schimak 10th   6-0

Mason Adams 9th   3-5


Ben Walechka   8-25 6th Section 


Head Coach: 

Valley Conference:


The Jay Hawks will have two section place winners returning along with two with experience. Look for them to fill in with some junior varsity wrestlers, they should make some improvement. Noel Davila and Carlos Flores-Lemus should be their key leaders thru out the season. 


Noel Davila   9th 22-8 4th Section

Carlos Flores-Lemus 9th   7-19 6th Section

Blayne Wilde 9th   3-22

Conner Rathman           10th   2-17