By Roger Mischke

MAT RATS PREVIEW (2023-2024)




Section 1A will have sixteen state qualifiers returning, in including seven state medal winners. State champions back are: Kail Schott and Javier Berg from Chatfield and medal winners Gage Bartels (6th), Bolton Thesing (4th) from Dover-Eyota, Will VanEpps (5th) and Gavin Johnson (3rd) from Kenyon-Wanamingo.


Head Coach: Nathan Lexvold

Hiawatha Valley League: 


The Knights should make a strong challenge for possible Section 1A honors, back from their top four section honors. They will return eleven section place winners, two were state qualifiers and two earned state medals and two others with a great deal of experience. They defeated GMLOS in the section quarters 56-15 and they were defeated in the semifinals by Chatfield 34-21. They should give them a very balanced team with four seniors, so look for huge strides of improvement thru out the course of the season. 

Returning Wrestlers:

Will VanEpps 11th 37-6 1st Sec./5th State

Dillon Bartel 12th 34-7 2nd Sec./3rd State

Reed Sommer 11th 32-9 5th Section

Bryan Jacobson 10th 30-8 3rd Section

Trent Foss 12th 27-14 5th Section

Ryan Lacanne 10th 25-10 2nd Section

Kiefer Olson 12th 25-13

Mason Hanson 11th 24-12

Charles Koncur 11th 21-17 4th Section

Owen Craig 11th 16-21 6th Section

Aidan Lindell 12th 10-19 5th Section


Jaedin Johnson 40-6 1st Section/4th State

Tate Miller 31-12 3rd Section


Head Coach: Matt Mauseth

Three Rivers Conference: 2nd

Overall: 16-3/2nd Section 1A 

The Gophers should make a strong challenge for Section 1A honors, back from the 16-3 dual meet season and section runner-up honors. They will have nine section place winners returning, including five state qualifiers. Three earned state tourney medals and eight others with a great deal of varsity experience, that should give the Gophers a very strong lineup. They defeated Fillmore Central in the Section quarters 51-24 and Kenyon-Wanamingo in the semifinals 34-21 and they were defeated by Caledonia-Houston 28-24 in the section championship. 


Kail Schott 12th 38-4 1st Sec./State Champ/AC

Javier Berg 11th 44-2 1st Sec./State Champ/AC 

Gage Bartels 12th 34-8 1st Sec./6th State/AC

Carson Rowland 11th 37-7 2nd Sec./AC

Jack Dornack 12th 28-13 4th Sec./AC

Ayden Miner 11th 28-13 4th Sec./AC 

Kaiden Johnson 10th 28-13 1st Sec./AC

Nathan Allen 12th 18-13 AC

Alden Pearson 11th 18-18 4th Section

Bralyn Burnett 12th 16-17 5th Section

D’Andre Williams 10th 10-15

Miles Mulbern 12th     9-5

Bill Kester 12th   8-9

Hunter Polikowsky   8th   7-6

Wes Goetzinger   8th   5-6

Ben Carrier 11th   4-4

Wyatt Jacobson 11th   3-9

Shane Hitchcock 12th 1-7


Ryan House 21-21 3rd Sec. (53-43 Career)

Thad Evans 20-19 (45-47 Career)


Head Coach: Brian Lehnertz

Three Rivers Conference: 5-3

Overall: 19-5  Section 1A: Top 4

The Eagles should make a very strong challenge for Section 1A honors, they will have eight section place winners, including two state medal winners returning along with three others with a great deal of experience. They should make steady progress thru out the season with an overall young team. They defeated Goodhue in the quarters 49-19 and they were defeated by the section champions Caledonia-Houston in the semifinals 39-29. The Eagles did graduate four state place winners including three state finalists. 

Returning Wrestlers:

Bolton Thesing 12th 47-7 2nd Sec./4th State/AC

Landon Lehnertz 12th 35-8 2nd Sec./6th State/AC

Bronson Shea 10th 27-16 3rd Sec.

Adian Gasper 12th 28-12 Injured/AC

Damon Bye 12th 26-22 5th Sec.

Jackson Welsh 12th 17-12 4th Section/AC

Caden Haag   9th 22-23 4th Section

Andrew Wendt 12th 12-15 4th Section

Talen Rabe 10th 13-12

Carson Pierce 10th 10-17 6th Section

Devon Bye 10th 10-13


Brodie Kellen 47-3 1st Sec./State Champ/AC (177-36 Career)

Gavin Gust 49-2 1st Sec./State Champ/AC (218-34 Career)

Jackson Duellman 40-5 1st Section/2nd State/AC (99-36 Career)

Tyler Mix 37-11 2nd Section/6th State/AC (86-56 Career)


Head Coach: Josh Grant

The Wildcats should make a challenge for a top four spot in the Section 1A dual meet campaign. They have nine section place winners back, one state qualifier and eight with a great deal of experience. This young team should make steady improvement  thru out the course of the season. The Wildcats were defeated in the section quarter finals by Dover-Eyota 49-19. They did graduate two seniors that were section place winners. 

Returning Wrestlers:

Caleb Kurtti 11th 41-7 3rd Sec.

Jack Carlson 10th 38-10 3rd Sec.

Carson O’Reilly 12th 37-14 3rd Sec. 

Jeremiah Bien 12th 33-20 2nd Sec.

Grant Reed 12th 31-14 3rd Sec.

Hayden Holm 10th 27-17 5th Sec.

Lucas Erickson 11th 23-21 4th Sec.

Nathan Beck 11th 22-21 6th Sec.

Cayden O’Reilly 10th 16-16 6th Sec.

Payton Holts 11th 15-22

Kaden Bigalk 12th 19-10

Jay Ryan   9th   3-6

Adam Grant   8th   3-9

Jack O’Reilly   8th   2-2

Austin Holst 10th   1-2

Ethan O’Reilly   9th   1-2

Tim Straus   8th   1-2


Jeremiah O’Reilly 30-18 6th Sec.

Beau Jaeger 27-13 3rd Sec. 

Kade Altandorf (53-41 Career) 


Head Coach: Randy Smith

Three Rivers Conference: 5-4

Overall Duals: 13-7

The Bulldogs should make a challenge for a top four spot in the Section 1A dual meet campaign. They will be returning four section place winners, nine with a great deal of experience and nine with fifteen or more wins. They did graduate the section place winners, but look for this young team to make strides of improvement thru out the season. The Bulldogs were defeated in their quarter final dual by Kenyon-Wanamingo 56-15.

Returning Wrestlers:

Braxten Wiste 12th 33-16 4th Section

Cael Smith   8th 31-17 5th Section

Colten Gardner12th28-19

Drake Payne 10th 22-26

Parker Armagost   9th 18-24 5th Section

Rowan Sween 11th 16-17 6th Section

Teague Alden 11th 15-14

Timmy Hogfeldt 11th 15-18

Dalton Pischke 11th 15-27

Jalen Renfro 12th   9-6

Zach Gehling 11th   8-23

Aaron Mark 12th   7-11

Isaac Swenson 11th

Wyatt Krull 10th   5-13

Landen Juenger   8th   3-12


Cohen Wiste 44-1 3rd Section

Aiden Quintana 36-12 4th Section

John Swanek 25-12 4th Section


Head Coach: Darrin Hegland

The LARP crew will have back five section place winners and five others with a great deal of experience. With the graduation of just one senior, a section place winner, look for this young team to make strides of improvement thru out the season. 

Returning Wrestlers:

Christian Zibrowski   9th 30-10 5th Sec.

Owen Lange   9th 28-17 4th Sec.

Jordan Zibrowski             12th 26-15

Camdyn Anderson 12th 21-14 6th Sec.

Eli Jensen 11th 16-14 5th Sec.

Colten Jenkins 10th 16-18

Evan Kammerer 12th 10-26

Jaden Perez 10th   3-5


Andrew Wilkemeyer 27-17 5th Sec.            


Head Coach: Scott Kobs

Three Rivers Conference: 2-8

Overall Duals: 12-13

The Saints graduated two seniors, including one state place winner, back are two section place winners and eight with a great deal of experience. If they can fill all the weights, look for steady improvement thru the course of the season. 

Returning Wrestlers:

Aidan Olson 12th 33-15 6th Section

Colton Mathison 11th 24-23

Jonas Barclay 12th 21-25

Braxdon Koeppel 10th 18-26

Bryndon Koeppel 10th 18-26

Alex Burlingame 12th   8-24

Miles Barclay 10th 10-12

Bennett Boyum   9th   9-14

Greyson Mauskemo 11th     8-24

Anthony Lopez 12th   3-2


Tytan Small 40-8 1st Sec./4th State (94-32 Career)

Chace Kobs 33-10 5th Sec. (97-41 Career)


Head Coach: Donald Killeen

Conference: 1-7

Overall: 1-9

The Vikings will have back one section place winner and ten with experience, with the graduation of just one senior. Look for this young team to make strides of improvement, they could surprise someone along the way. 

Returning Wrestlers:

Henry Cushman 12th 25-24 5th Section

Will Killeen 11th 22-20

Robert Cushman 12th 13-27

Demetrius Bergmann 12th   7-14

Everett Peterson11th

Tyler Hawkins 10th   2-9

Dante Ragone 12th

Justin Bergmann 10th   2-3

Fuller Jewson   9th   1-4

Zach Peterson   9th   1-2


Chris Cushman 32-12 2nd Section/AC (116-73 Career)


Head Coach Mark Evjen

Gopher Conference: 0-6

Overall: 2-18

The Cobras will have back two section place winners, six with experience. They did graduate four seniors, including a pair of section place winners. But look for this young team to make strides of improvement thru out the season. 

Returning Wrestlers:

Hunter Garness 10th 19-21 6th Section

Alex Ortiz   9th 11-15

Austin Adreon 12th 14-13

Theo Kispert   9th 10-20 6th Section

Christian Schrom 11th   6-10

Cole Kodada 11th   4-15

Henry Martenaz 10th   3-5

Austin Scanlan   9th   2-3

Jaxon Jensen   8th   2-2

Brady Freerksen   9th   1-1


Owen Garness 18-4 3rd Sec./AC (83-55 Career)

Liam Schlichting 20-14 5th Sec. (55-70 Career)

Brayden Rohwer   6-11

Guadalupe Martinez   3-25


Head Coach: Blaise Gass

Three Rivers Conference: 4-5

Overall Duals: 12-9

The Wolves did not share any info, other than those that participated in the section tournament. They have four back with a great deal of experience, including three section place winners with 20 plus wins. They did graduate six seniors including five section place winners.

Returning Wrestles:

Kane Larson 10th 31-11 3rd Sec.

Cole Sass 11th 25-17 5th Sec.

Connor Wingert 12th 23-20 6th Sec.

Boston Wright 12th 16-22


Orion Gass 22-8 2nd Sec. (103-67 Career)

Cooper Ferrie 31-4 3rd Sec. (36-15 Career)

Oliver Hoeltzle 28-12 4th Sec./AC (85-51 Career)

Carter Hovland28-135th Sec.

Aaron Hutton 21-17 6th Sec.

Clayton Knutson 14-27 (70-70 Career)