Mat Rats preview 2023-2024 Section 2A


By Roger Mischke

MAT RATS PREVIEW (2023-2024)




Section 2A will have eighteen state qualifiers returning and four medal winners back. Returning are Keegan Kuball (state champ) from WEM/JWP, Tommy Elwood (5th) from Medford and Bo Zuerener (6th) from Westfield Razorbacks. 


Head Coach: Dennis Whitman

Gopher Conference: 6-1

17-2 Overall/Section 2A Champs/5th State

The Knights should make a strong challenge to defend their Section 2A honors. They will have back five section place winners, including a state medal winner. They will have four with 30 plus wins, back from a great season.  The Tigers defeated Blue Earth Area 56-18 in the section quarters, WEM/JWP 59-24 in the semifinals and for the section championship 33-30 over LCWM. They lost to BBE in the quarters 42-22 and they defeated UNC 38-20 and WCA in the 5th place dual 37-33. They did graduate a very good bunch of seniors, including six section place winners, four were state qualifiers, of which one was a state medal winner. 

Returning Wrestlers:

Tommy Elwood 11th 43-7 1st Sec./5th State/AC

Evan Schweisthal 12th 30-13 2nd Sec.

Luis Lopez 12th 29-7 1st Sec.

Mason Degrood 11th 26-17 3rd Sec.

Aiden Ahrens 11th 10-20 3rd Sec. 

Kaden Hartmann 11th 26-14


Tate Hermes 39-6 1st Sec./3rd State/AC (171-50 Career)

Garron Hoffman 35-8 1st Sec./AC (128-49 Career)

Dylan Heiderscheidt 30-15 2nd Sec. (90-56 Career)

Jack Meyer 32-10 3rd Sec./AC (77-33 Career)

Charley Elwood 21-3 1st Sec./AC (141-11 Career)


Head Coach: Nate Meixell

Overall: 14-5

Section 2A: 2nd Place

The Knights should make a very strong challenge for a top four spot in the section 2A duals, if they stay healthy and continue to improve they could make a challenge for a potential section championship. They have eleven section place winners back, including six state qualifiers and four with experience. They will have nine back with 20 plus wins, they defeated St. Clair in the section quarters 59-21 and NRHEG 64-18 in the semifinals. They were defeated by 33-30 by Medford for the championship. 

Returning Wrestlers:

Nick Slater 11th 37-12 2nd Sec./AC

Ryan Palmer 11th 36-12 1st Sec./AC

Carson Othoudt   9th 30-14 2nd Sec.

Ryder Antony   9th 29-19 2nd Sec./AC

Griffin Gimenez 12th 28-13 2nd Sec./AC

Talen Osborne 10th 26-24 4th Sec.

Logan Quade 11th 24-22 3rd Sec.

Ryder McMichael 11th 23-10

Parker Kamm 12th Injured (State Place 2yrs ago NewUlm)

Zach Palmer 11th 20-18 2nd Sec./AC

Mason Adams   9th 18-9 5th Sec Transfer from St. Clair) 

Dietrich Rosin 10th 15-22 4th Sec.

Brecken Northquest 12th 11-27 5th Sec. 

Brody Herbst   8th   6-3

Noah Sodeman 12th   3-29 6th Sec.

Tristan Kietzer   9th   3-0


Justin Slater 14-10 1st Section (59-36 Career)

Austin Northquest 10-22 5th Section 


Head Coach: David Lassahn

Three Rivers Conference: 3-3

Overall: 10-23

The Razorbacks will have back eight section place winners, including one state qualifier that earned a state medal. They were defeated by WEW/JWP in the section quarters 40-38 in a close one. Overall this is a young team, look for continued improvement thru out the season from the Razorbacks. If they stay healthy they could challenge for a top four stop in the Section 2A dual campaign. 

Returning Wrestlers:

Bo Zwiener 11th 36-9 1st Sec./6th State/AC

Kevin Hodge 12th 33-10 3rd Sec.

Cannon Wacek 10th 26-17 3rd Sec.

Hunter Simonson 11th Injured (2yrs ago 28-10)

Gage Mullenbach 11th 19-22 4th Sec.

Brody Johnson 12th 18-24 3rd Sec.

Grant Magnuson 12th 14-26

Kaiden Chicos 12th   9-23 4th Sec.

Vincent Hernandez 11th 11-21

Wyatt Arndt 10th   7-30 5th Sec.

Kael Steele 10th   7-20

Ty Bronson 12th   5-4


Cade Christianson 32-12 2nd Section (75-57 Career)


Head CoachL Eckhart

Big South Conference: 2-5

Overall: 7-20

The Buccaneers have back four section place winners and five others with experience. They defeated  Madelia-Truman in the section quarters 60-9 and were defeated in the semifinals by Medford 56-18. The Buccaneers are a young team, look for them to fill in with some of their younger wrestlers. If they stay healthy and spread out in their weights, they should make a challenge for a top four spot in the section dual meet campaign. 

Returning Wrestlers:

Cooper Peterson 12th 29-14 4th Sec./AC

Kade Gaydon 12th 27-16 2nd Sec.

Cory Kitchel 12th 18-7

Timmy Nagel 10th 16-22 6th Sec.

Caleb Langager 12th 21-16 (2 years ago) Injured

Colton Tolzmann   9th   5-22 6th Sec.

Drake Engelby   9th   5-23

Will Weerts   9th   2-19

Logan Shelstad 10th   1-4


Parker Meyers 36-6 2nd Sec./AC (79-50 Career)

Carson Sturtz 25-18 5th Sec./AC (86-83 Career)

Angel Martinez 20-15 3rd Sec.

Zach Benson 16-24 6th Sec.

Blair Lunz 13-22 


Head Coach: Shawn Larson

Gopher Conference: 1-5

Overall Duals: 5-19

The Panthers will have eight section place winners returning and and two with a great deal experience. The Panthers defeated Maple River in the section quarters 38-33 and they were defeated in the semifinals by LCWM 64-18. The Panthers have a very young team, if they stay healthy and continue to improve they could make a strong challenge for a top four spot in this section 2A dual meet campaign. 

Returning Wrestlers:

Ryan Schlook   9th 26-14 3rd Sec.

Harbor Cromwell 11th 18-25 3rd Sec.

Devan Parpart 10th 15-24 4th Sec.

Aiden Schlaak 11th 15-28 5th Sec. 

Jacob Karl 10th 14-19 5th Sec. 

Reese Routh 12th 10-12 2nd Sec.

Parker Brunn 12th   8-25

Cole Hutchens 11th   4-25 5th Sec.

Jace Ihrke 11th   1-15 6th Sec. 

George Roesler 12th Injured last Season


Makota Misgen 41-5 2nd Sec.//3rd State/AC (120-78 Career)


Head Coach: Adam Roesler

Gopher Conference

Overall Duals

They will have back nine section place winners, including a pair of state medal winners. They did graduate two section place winners, including a state qualifier. This overall is a pretty young team, look for a great deal of improvement from this crew. They defeated Westfield 40-38 in the section quarters and they were defeated by Medford in the section semifinals 59-24. 

Returning Wrestlers:

Keegan Kuball 11th 41-4 1st Sec./State Champ

Brady Murphy 10th 41-8 1st Sec/4th State

Avery Fall 12th 23-16 4th Sec.

Lucas Morsching 11th 19-23 5th Sec.

Isaac Quast 12th 16-28 6th Sec.

Patrick Adams 12th   9-20 5th Sec.

Charles Adams 10th   8-16 5th Sec.

Carson James 11th   6-34 6th Sec.

Jaxon Hulsing 11th   6-29 6th Sec.

Isaac Quast12th16-28

Max Davis 11th 12-16

Gavin Krause 12th   9-4

Parker James 10th   6-20

James Carson 11th   5-32

Ben Root 10th   5-13

Aric Williams 12th   3-5

Maddox Moreno 11th   4-11

Zach Quast 10th   3-14

Trey Richards   9th   1-1


Jack Cahill 31-13 2nd Sec.

Kelton Erler 10-28 6th Sec. 


Head Coach: Giovanni Alvarado 

The Cyclones will have very young team back with three section place winners, including one state qualifier and two others with a great deal of experience. They graduated a state qualifier last spring. 

Returning Wrestlers:

Jacob Schimek 12th 47-3 1st Sec.

Lucas Bade 11th 33-9 3rd Sec.

Chase Bade 11th 33-9 3rd Sec.

Blake Sheppart   9th 20-21

Brady Williams 11th 13-23

Eli Kruse 11th   7-1 Injured

Riley Vaughn   8th   9-5

Braydon Wong   8th   5-2

Steve Loeffler   9th   3-4


Simon Kruse 37-2 1st Sec./2nd State


Head Coach: Darren Gifferson

The Jayhawks had four compete in the section individual tournament, with two earning medals and two gaining experience. If they can fill in their weights and keep spread apart in their weights, look for steady improvement from the Jayhawks.

Returning Wrestlers:

Noel Davila 10th 23-18 6th Sec.

Carlos Flores-Lemus 10th   8-27

Conner Rathman 11th   6-12 4th Sec.

Blayne Wilde 10th   2-22