Mat Rats Section 3A Preview


By Roger Mischke

MAT RATS PREVIEW (2023-2024)




Section 3A will have seventeen state qualifiers returning, including four medal winners. Two state champions will be back, Nolan Ambrose, from Jackson County Central and Devin Carter from Tracy-Milroy-Balaton. Kayden Eller (6th) from Jackson County Central, Miklo Hernandez (2nd) from Pipestone Area are back. 


Head Coach: Nathan Hanson

Big South Conference: 7-0

Overall Duals: 21-7 

The Huskies should be a favorite with their state tournament experience in Section 3A, if they stay healthy and spread out in their weights. Look for steady improvement from their younger wrestlers thru out the season. The Huskies defeated WCA in the state quarter finals 48-17, HLWW in the semifinals 54-18 and in the Championship they defeated Caledonia-Houston 45-19. The Huskies defeated Wabasso 69-3 in the section quarters, Fulda-Murray County 76-0 in the semifinals and Adrian 67-6 in the championship. They will have back seven section place winners, including four state qualifiers, two earned state medals and four others with a great deal of experience. 

Returning Wrestlers:

Nolan Ambrose 12th 38-3 1st Sec./State Champ/AC

Kayden Eller   8th 41-14 1st Sec./6th State/AC

Isaiah Rodriguez 10th 31-17 3rd Sec./AC

Benjamin Dahlin 11th 29-14 2nd Sec./AC

Trey Rossow 12th 26-17 2nd Sec.

Braydon Winter 12th 24-27 5th Sec.

Seth Stai 12th 22-16

Kyler Thier 8th 15-13 3rd Sec.

Quinn Landherr 12th   7-4 Injured

Dallas Gossen   9th   2-10

Ulises Bouakham 12th   1-3


Thomas Freking 49-7 1st Sec./State Champ (160-37 Career)

Logan Butzon 42-4 1st Sec./3rd State (219-51 Career)

Caleb Vancura 44-3 1st Sec./State Champ (180-61 Career)

Matthew Haley 24-5 2nd Sec./3rd State (137-64 Career)

Dylan Withers 35-5 1st Sec. (114-58 Career)

Cameron Scholten 41-15 2nd Sec./2nd State (78-33 Career)

Isaiah Rodriguez 31-17 3rd Sec./6th State (80-47 Career) 


Head Coach Greg Nelson

Big South: 3-3

Overall 22-8/2nd Section 3A

The Arrows should make a strong challenge for section 3A honors, they will have eleven section place winners returning, including three state qualifiers and four with experience. They did graduate three, including two state qualifiers, one did earn a medal. Look for the Arrows to continue to make steady improvement thru out the season. If they spread out in the weights and stay healthy they could earn section 3A honors. The Arrows defeated St. James in the section quarters 52-12 and Tracy-Milroy-Balaton in the section semifinals 49-16. They were defeated by the Section and State champions JCC 67-6 in the section finals. 

Returning Wrestlers:

Jaren Winselman 12th 35-6 2nd Sec./AC

Travis Weiss 10th 33-10 1st Sec./AC

Moe Erdman 11th 33-10 3rd Sec./AC

Roberto Hernandez 11th 29-11 6th Sec.

Charger Erlandson   9th 28-11 5th Sec.

Rilee Heidebrink 12th 26-19 4th Sec.

Bruce Farinella 12th 17-27 4th Sec.

Caleb Wolf   8th 16-14 5th Sec.

Micah Bullerman 12th 13-15 5th Sec.

Jackson Jenniges   8th 10-16 4th Sec.

Logan Graham 12th 10-8

Carlos Vlloa-Castilla 11th   5-17

Jesse Bullerman 10th   4-8

Devin Mazza 11th   1-7


Cameron Wieneke 37-6 1st Sec./4th State/AC (94-53 Career)

Quentin Wolf 32-9 1st Sec./AC (123-72 Career)

Breyer Hieronimus 26-13 4th Sec./AC (101-79 Career) 


Head Coach: Karl Campbell

Overall Duals: 21-15

The Panthers should make a strong challenge for a top four spot in this Section 3A Section dual meet campaign. The Panthers will return ten section place winners, including three state qualifiers, including a state champion and ten others with experience. Overall the Panthers have a very experienced team back for this section 3A campaign. They defeated Springfield in the section quarters 72-9 and in the semifinals they were defeated by Adrian 49-16. 

Returning Wrestlers:

Devin Carter 12th 48-2 1st Sec./State Champ

Ethan Martinez 12th 40-8 3rd Sec.

Alexander Schuh 12th 39-9 2nd Sec.

David Schuh 10th 36-13 2nd Sec.

Jacob Meyer 12th 28-20 5th Sec.

Isaiah Wolske 11th 24-17 4th Sec.

Ashton Squires 12th 21-24 5th Sec. 

Troy Gillette 11th 19-28 5th Sec.

Gage Struchen 12th 18-25 3rd Sec.

Damian Alatriste 12th 11-20

Logan Petersen 10th   9-20

Zach Swanson 12th   6-9

Kalvin Crumrine 12th     6-11

Tyler Arnold 10th   5-10

Nolan Verlinde   9th   4-15

Ty Yackley   9th   3-12

Nevin Marten 10th     3-12

Rich Yang 11th   1-3 6th Sec. 


Travis WilhiteInjured

Nick Wilhite Injured

Bryce Edwards 11-14


Head Coach: Brian Bos

Overall Duals; 9-9

The Arrows will have back four section place winners, including three state qualifiers of which one earned a medal. They will have six back with a great deal of experience. Look for the Arrows to make a challenge for a top four spot in this Section 3A dual meet campaign. They were defeated by Fulda/Murray County 42-31 in the section quarters. The Arrows graduated two section place winners.

Returning Wrestlers:

Hudson Burnett 12th 40-7 2nd Sec./AC

Brayden Burmeister 12th 35-6 1st Sec./AC

Miklo Hernandez 12th 40-7 2nd Sec./2nd State/AC

Jackson Melcher 12th 27-17 3rd Sec./AC

Lucas Thooft 11th   8-22

Carloseriel Perez-Garcia 10th   6-10

Haden Mulvihill 10th   7-11

Bode Bruns 12th   6-30

Ritch Sobecary 12th   5-28

Carlos Saenlouangra 10th   5-21


Davis Budden 36-9 4th Sec./AC (98-51 Career)

Aiden Voss 33-12 5th Sec. (71-69 Career)


Head Coach: Nick Henning

The Raiders will have eight section place winners returning  and three others with a great deal of experience. They did graduate two section place winners, but look for this young team to make strides of improvement thru out the season. If they stay healthy and stay spread out in their weights look for them to make a challenge for top four honors in the section 3A dual meet campaign. 

Returning Wrestlers:

Aiden Lorenzen 12th 29-19 5th Sec.

Teague Meyer 10th 25-21 6th Sec.

Quintin Lewis 10th 24-17 3rd Sec.

Denver Ash 12th 22-29 5th Sec.

Carson Klein 11th 22-27

Colby Kesteloot 10th 19-25 5th Sec.

Kaston Clark   9th 15-19 5th Sec. 

Brayden Gilb   9th 14-16 4th Sec.

Owen Olsen 10th 11-9 6th Sec.

Noah Mathiowetz 10th   6-12

Kaden Landsman   9th   3-13


Rylan Klein 23-23 5th Sec.

Carter Benda   7-9 4th Sec. 


Head Coach: Ethan Hildebrandt


Overall Duals: 11-14

The Saints will have seven section place winners returning, including one state qualifier and eight others with experience. They did graduate two seniors last spring, so look for the team to continue to improve thru out the course of the season. They were defeated in the section quarters by Adrian 62-12. They should challenge those dual meet marks from last season and possibly surprise someone thru out the season. 

Returning Wrestlers:

Kollin Anderson 12th 36-12 3rd Sec./AC

Levi Miest 12th 31-16 2nd Sec.

Willie Curry 12th 28-13 4th Sec./AC

Julio Esqueda 12th 27-16 4th Sec. 

Talyn Tande 11th 24-19 3rd Sec.

Dylan Reid 11th 15-14 5th Sec.

Beck Johnson   8th 13-17

Peyton Wolner 10th 13-22 6th Sec.

Jarrett Durheim 12th 10-17

Keyon Roloff 10th   6-10

Hayden Davis 12th   6-25

Zachary Curry   9th   5-14

Rylan Meyer 10th   3-5

Brody Solheid   9th   1-1

Devin Ramirez   8th   1-6


Derek Fast 8-9

Evan Ronadahl 3-15 


Head Coach Brett Bartholomaus

Overall Duals: 10-14

The Falcons will have four section place winners back, including a state qualifier and four others with experience. Look for the Falcons to make steady improvement thru out the season, they have good experience and yet a pretty young team. The Falcons did graduate four seniors last spring, including three section place winners and one that earned a state medal. Look for the Falcons to challenge those dual meet marks from last season. 

Returning Wrestlers:

Evan Bartholomaus 10th 33-9 2nd Sec./AC

Keagan Steen 11th 20-9 4th Sec.

Carter Beranek 12th 20-24 6th Sec. 

Andrew Pankonin 12th 14-27 6th Sec.

Brekken Determan 10th 11-9

Marshal Willhite   9th   9-10

Quintyn Vold 12th   7-22

Jonah Skarupa   9th   7-20


Vander Mathiowetz 41-5 1st Sec./5th State/AC

Keaton Skarupa 30-12 3rd Sec.

Austin Couan 21-23 6th Sec.

Bode Determan 14-25


Head Coach: Cole Cooreman

Overall Duals: 11-15

Returning Wrestlers:

Kaysen Harms 11th 39-10 2nd Sec.

Mikale Goblersch 11th 27-13 4th Sec.

Zach Skoblik 10th 23-9

Gavin Marotzke 10th 22-25 6th Sec.

Ezekiel Olson 10th 22-22 6th Sec.

Mason Kampson 10th 17-14

William Flowers 12th 14-18

Garrett Marotzke 12th 13-13


Chase Irbeck 33-16 2nd Sec. (105-82 Career)

Adryen Tietz 28-19 3rd Sec. (55-76 Career)

Ashton Weidemann 22-19 3rd Sec. (50-57 Career) 


Head Coach: Luke Amsden

Overall Dual: 7-24

The Tigers will have two section place winners and seven with a great deal of experience. They did graduate two seniors last spring, so look for this young team to make steady improve thru the course of season. They should make a strong challenge to last seasons dual meet marks. 

Returning Wrestlers:

Sam Rummel 12th 32-10 4th Sec.

Paytin Johnson 10th 18-23 6th Sec. 

Mitch Streich 12th 18-10

Tommy Leopold   9th 15-3

Kody Bast 11th   9-27

Nathan Groebner   9th   8-16

Nick Groebner   9th   8-12

Hayden Davis 12th   6-25

Colin Hansen 12th   4-9


Wyatt Schmidt 36-11 3rd Sec.

Damian Honeman 16-17