Mat Rats Section 4A Preview


By Roger Mischke

MAT RATS PREVIEW (2023-2024)




Section 4A will have thirteen state qualifiers back this season, including two medal winners. Benito Diaz (5th) from Sibley East and Micah Gregory (5th) for Trinity-Unity River Ridge. There are a number of very talented and experienced wrestlers returning along with a pair of injured that didn’t compete in the section. Look for this to be a very competitive section dual meet campaign, with at least four teams having a legitimate chance to earn the honors. 


Head Coach: Luke Wilson

Overall Duals: 15-16

The Giants will have eight section place winners returning, of which two were state qualifiers along with six with a great deal of experience. Ten with eighteen wins over more will be returning with just one that graduated. They should challenge those dual meet marks from last season. They defeated Sibley East in the section quarters 30-28 and they were defeated in the semifinals by HLWW 54-21. Look for this young and talented team to continue to improve during the course of the season. They could make a strong challenge for honors in the section dual meet campaign. 

Returning Wrestlers:

Dalton Wilson   9th 40-12 2nd Sec.

George Doherty 10th 39-12 1st Sec./AC

Wyatt Genelin 11th 33-17 5th Sec.

Colton Wilson   9th 31-5 3rd Sec.

Peyton Telljohn 10th 31-13 3rd Sec.

Waylon Thieke   8th 27-23 5th Sec.

Carter Nelson 10th 22-22 5th Sec. 

Owen Greenig   8th 20-28

Nate Lansing   8th19-28

Luke Miller   10th 18-26

Nick Larson   9th 13-10

Isaac Holloway 11th 12-29

Ian Nelson 12th 11-20 6th Sec.

Ty Boisjolie   9th 10-7


Andy Genelin 24-25 5th Sec. (58-94 Career) 


Head Coach Jordan Voight

Overall Duals: 15-14

The Raiders will have back eight section place winners, of which three were state qualifiers and eight others with experience. The graduated just two seniors last spring. The Raiders defeated EVW 41-33 and they were defeated by Kimball 40-38 in the section duals. This young team should make strides of improvement if they stay healthy. The Raiders should challenge those dual meet marks from last season.They have nine with double figure wins and six with eighteen plus wins back. Look for the Raiders also to make a challenge in this very balanced section for a top four spot and possible section honors. 

Returning Wrestlers:

Parker Honl 10th 34-16 1st Sec./AC

Collin Degn 11th 34-9 3rd Sec.

Tyler Neubarth 11th 32-20 1st Sec.

Carter Storms 11th 31-15 4th Sec./AC

Lucas Conser 11th 26-21 5th Sec./AC

Reese Lentsch 12th 18-13 2nd Sec.

Nate Venske 10th 14-30 4th Sec.

Ryan Neubarth 10th 13-25

Roman Holland 12th 12-23 5th Sec.

Preston Sprengeler 11th   8-18

Brock Neubarth   8th   5-6

Connor Hansen 10th   5-24

Cody Bohlman   8th   5-7

Nick Ojeda 11th   4-4

Bryce Urness 11th   2-7 6th Sec.

Dane Pauly 10th   2-10

Cole Conser   8th   2-1


Lucas Urness 30-21 4th Sec.AC (74-77 Career)

Tanner Neubarth11-31


Head Coach: Mike Schindler

Central Mn. Conference: 1-5

Overall Duals: 9-16 

The Cubs will have seven section place winners returning of which two were state qualifiers and five others with a great deal of experience. The Cubs defeated St. Agnes in the section quarters 51-27 and NYA in the section semifinals 40-38. They did graduate five seniors last spring, including four state qualifiers and possibly a fifth qualifier had it not be for a season long injury. The Cubs if they stay healthy and spread out in their weights could challenge for section dual meet honors. They have seven back with double figure wins, including a wrestler injured in the section duals, that likely would have been a state qualifier and possibly would have earned a medal. 

Returning Wrestlers: 

Hank Meyer 11th 35-10 1st Sec.

Mark Schiefelbein 10th 30-14 1st Sec.

William Serbus 12th 26-21 3rd Sec.

Haden Rosenow 12th 22-5 Injured

Garrett Rosenow   9th 18-20 4th Sec.

Frank Schiefelbein 10th 10-29 6th Sec.

Ryder Schwieters   8th   9-32 6th Sec.

Mason Danelke 10th     7-9

Karson Schmidt   8th   6-14

Isaac Kuseske 10th   3-18

Dustin Mehr   8th   2-8

Mica Guerrero   9th   1-11


Logan Kuseske 28-15 2nd Sec. (84-59 Career)

Caden Guggisberg 27-22 2nd Sec. (84-59 Career)

Blake Brutger 25-16 2nd Sec. (68-49 Career)

Connor Carlson 18-21 2nd Sec. (33-41 Career)

Brett Schiefelbein   4-1 Injured (67-39 Career) 

Kade Gassler   1-6

Nikolas Salo   0-4


Head Coach: Dan Berg

Central Mn. Conference: 0-6

Overall Duals: 8-17

The Eagles will have back eleven section place winners, including two state qualifiers. They have seven back with nineteen plus wins. They graduated just two seniors last spring, so look for this overall young team to make strides of improvement thru out the season. They make a challenge for possible top four hours if they stay healthy and spread out in their weights. The Eagles were defeated by NYA in the section quarters 41-33. 

Retuning Wrestlers:

Isaac Ortiz 12th 35-11 1st Sec.

Sonnie DeHeer 12th 29-15 2nd Sec.

Treyce Ludwig 11th 28-23 3rd Sec.

Brayden Kramer 11th 22-25 3rd Sec.

Ryder Schmidt   9th 22-19 4th Sec.

Nick Becker 10th 20-11 3rd Sec.

Mitchell Lipinski 11th 19-20 3rd Sec. 

Carter Scheeler 11th 12-19 5th Sec.

Thomas Thompson 11th   6-22 6th Sec.

Jordan Erpelding 11th   5-20 5th Sec.

John Weis   9th   5-13 6th Sec.

Brody Sieben   9th   3-15


Gavin Caron 19-21 4th Sec. (93-91 Career)

Garrett Albers   1-15


Head Coach: Brent Odenbrett

Overall Duals: 16-25

The Aggies will have five section place winners and two with experience back, they did graduate four seniors last spring. The Aggies were defeated in the section quarters by Kimball 51-27. They will have back four with 21 wins plus, thus is a young team, look for them to challenge their dual meet marks from last season. 

Returning Wrestlers:

Charlie Witzel 11th 37-14 4th Sec.

Jacob McLaughlin 12th 35-16 6th Sec.

Phillip Graner 10th 24-26 5th Sec.

Sean Brennan 12th 21-19 4th Sec.

Sam Clyde 10th 15-32

Henry Misenor   9th   9-17 6th Sec.

Joseph Pepin 10th   7-25


Ryan McLaughlin 33-11 3rd Sec.

Daniel Romero 27-14 4th Sec.

Johnny Cummings 15-16 3rd Sec.

David Lopez 27-14 4th Sec. 


Head Coach: Andrew Capirchio

Minneapolis City Conference: 5-1

Overall Duals: 12-18

The Polars will have back six section place winners, including three state qualifiers and seven others with a great deal of experience. They will have ten back with eleven plus wins, so look for them to make strides of improvement. They could surprise someone thru out the season, they should make big improvement on their overall dual meet marks from last season. 

Returning Wrestlers:

Cashmere Hamilton-Grunau 12th 41-11 2nd Sec.AC

Saveon Rendo 12th 31-14 2nd Sec./AC

Lamarcus Osborne 12th 30-8 1st Sec./AC

Johan Alcantara Lund 10th 28-18 4th Sec./AC

Bravo Niyonkuru 10th 21-28 AC

Geveon Rendo 12th 18-14 6th Sec./

Yahonde Grinnell 12th 18-21 5th Sec./AC

Cameron Wise 11th 15-18

Andrew Ferrell 12th 11-22

Darrius Thomas 12th 13-19

Elijah Grunau 10th   9-24

Anerse Dotson 10th   7-5

Noah Brooks 10th   5-14



Head Head Coach: Pat Murphy

Overall Duals: 6-21

The Tri-Hawks will have three section place winners back, including one state medal winner and ten with experience. They did graduates three seniors, including one state medal winner and two that were section place winners. They will have eight back with double figure wins, so look for this young team to challenge those dual meet marks from last season. 

Returning Wrestlers:

Micah Gregory 11th 36-15 2nd Sec./5th State

Andrew Jung 11th 22-20 3rd Sec.

Dominic Rinaldi 12th 11-13

Peter Anderson 10th 13-11

Dominic McManara   9th 11-22 6th Sec.

Joseph Nicklaus 10th 11-16

Luca Aglieco 11th 11-10

Edmund Richerson 12th   6-7

Daniel Gregory   9th   5-8

Andrew Kracht 11th   3-3


David Gregory 41-4 1st Sec.4th State (138-22 Career)

Thomas King 24-18 6th Sec. (56-63 Career)

Andrew Stone14-296th Sec.


Head Coach: Chris Roob

Overall Duals: 11-19

The Wolverines will have back four section place winners, including one state medal winner and eight others with experience. They did graduate four seniors, including two section place winners. This young team had a tough luck with injuries last year. The Wolverines were defeated in their section quarter dual by LSH 30-28. Look for this you team, if they stay healthy and spread out in their weights to improve on their dual meet marks from last season and to possibly surprise a couple of team thru out the season. 

Returning Wrestlers:

Benito Diaz 11th 41-5 1st Sec./5th State/AC

Julio Alejandro   9th 22-8 Injured

Tanner Johnson   9th 18-24 4th Sec.

Owen Utendorfer 11th 17-27 4th Sec.

Christian Sotelo11th17-28

Riley Drexlers 11th 15-15

Gabriel Godinez 11th   9-25 5th Sec.

Atley Strack   9th   8-8

Gianny Lopez 10th   15-17

Axel Cardenas 10th   4-4

Mylin Farias 10th   2-4


Josh Sotelo 34-14 2nd Sec./AC (92-102 Career)

Jathan Mendoza 30-20 4th Sec./AC (89-97 Career)

Gil Gaven 10-3 (37-28 Career)

Michael Farias   5-6