Mat Rats Section 7A Preview


By Roger Mischke

MAT RATS PREVIEW (2023-2024)




Section 7A will have seventeen state qualifiers returning, including nine that earned state medals. Donovan Schmidt and Zach Remer both state champions from Mille Lacs, Drew Lange (2nd) and Wyatt Pilarski (4th) from Holdingford, Sawyer Simmons (5th) and Brandon Mugg (6th) from Royalton-Upsala, Colbe Tappe (2nd) and Elijah Greenwaldt (3rd) from Staples-Motley), Jacob Williams (5th) from Aitkin,   


Head Coach: Terry Gorecki

Central Mn. Conference: 4-2

Overall Duals: 17-5

The Royals will have nine section place winners returning, including three state qualifiers, two earned state medals. Along with four with a great deal of varsity experience will return, this includes nine with twenty wins plus. The Royals defeated Deer River in the section quarters 50-21, Holdingford 40-31 in the semifinals and LPGE for section honors 39-19. They were defeated in two very close duals in state quarters by HLWW 37-25 and WCA 31-29. Look for the Royals to make a strong challenge to defend their Section 7A dual honors. This will be a very good section dual meet campaign, with likely three state ranked teams. They should challenge those good dual meet marks from last season of 17-5.

Returning Wrestlers:

Brandon Mugg 11th 35-8 1st Sec./6th State

Sawyer Simmons 12th 33-11 2nd Sec.5th State

Lane Olson 11th 32-11 3rd Sec./AC

Kaden Holm 12th 29-13 2nd Sec.

Tucker Simmons 10th 27-10 Injured

Nicholas Leibold 12th 21-17 5th Sec.

Brady Yourczek 11th 21-17 3rd Sec.

Jake Leners 10th 20-17 3rd Sec.

John Bzdok12th20-19

Marcus Hayes 12th 14-26 6th Sec. 

Adonijah Ripple 12th   9-27

Brayden Leners 10th   6-4 4th Sec.

Spencer Novitzki 11th   1-8


Alex Diederich 22-11 1st Sec./2nd State (106 Career Wins)

Will Gorecki 31-9 2nd Sec. (162 Career Wins)

Bryce Holm 38-6 1st Sec./4th State (88 Career Wins)

Brock Costanzo


Head Coach: Logan Oellien

Central Mn. Conference: 6-0 

Overall Duals: 33-8

The Huskers will have back eight section place winners, including seven state qualifiers. Two earned state tourney and medals for the Huskers and they will have nine back with a great deal of varsity experience. They graduated just two seniors last spring and return nine with twenty-nine wins plus. This is a young team with a lots of experience. The Huskers defeated Ogilvie 65-12 in the Section 7A quarters and they were defeated by Royalton-Upsala 40-31 in the section semifinals. They should make a strong challenge to defend the Central Mn. Conference honors and for possible Section 7A honors in what should be a very good dual meet campaign. They could challenge those very good dual meet marks 33-8 from last season. 

Returning Wrestlers:

Drew Lange 12th 48-6 1st Sec./2nd State/AC

Wyatt Pilarski 10th 47-9 2nd Sec./4th State/AC

William Pilarski 11th 42-8 1st Sec./AC

Jaxon Bartkowicz 10th 38-9 2nd Sec.

Evan Petron 12th 34-15 4th Sec.

Wyatt Novitzki 11th 33-6 2nd Sec./AC

Masyn Patrick 10th 31-6 Injured/AC

Luke Bieniek 11th 29-6 1st Sec./AC

Simon Boeckman 10th 29-10 2nd Sec. 

Casey Knettel   9th22-19

Kolten Harren 10th 16-15

Lane Patrick   8th   9-1

Toby Phillipp 11th   8-17

Noah Perowitz   9th   8-5

Grant Welle 12th   7-25

Evan Lichy 12th   6-12

Maverick Novitzki 10th   3-2


Wyatt Miller 16-17 5th Sec.

Blake Scegura 11-14


Head Coach: Jim Jackson

Mid-State Conference: 3-1 (2nd)

Overall Duals: 17-6 

The Cardinals will have twelve section place winners returning, including a pair of state qualifiers, that earned state tournament medals. The Cardinals will have four back with a great deal of experience, this includes nine with eighteen plus wins. They graduated one state qualifier, look for this overall young and experienced team to be a challenge for most of the Class A teams in the state. They defeated Mille Lacs 54-19 in the section quarters and they were defeated by LPGE 37-32 in the semifinals. The Cardinals should make a strong challenge for a top four spot, possibly for Section 7A dual meet honors. This should be a very good section dual meet campaign. The Cardinals should if they stay healthy be considered one the top teams in Class A. They should challenge those dual marks form last season of 17-6. 

Returning Wrestlers:

Colbe Tappe 10th 43-4 1st Sec./2nd State/AC

Elijah Greenwaldt 10th 43-7 1st Sec./3rd State/AC

Turner Beachy 10th 26-5 4th Sec.

Gage Bjerga   8th 26-5 Injured/AC

Blake Neelan 12th 25-17 3rd Sec.

Owen Winter12th23-16

Steven Petrich 11th 19-18 4th Sec.

Luke Bjerga 10th 18-12 4th Sec.

Riley Reese 10th 18-19 5th Sec.

Jack Carlson 11th 12-4 3rd Sec.

Dustin Converse 11th 11-22 6th Sec.

Adrian Gomez 10th 10-19 6th Sec.

Jack Becker 11th   6-25 6th Sec.

Kevin Miller 12th   4-19 5th Sec.


Jason Tranlina 31-13 2nd Sec./AC (69 Career Wins)


Head Coach: Adam Halvorson

Great River Conference: 2nd

Overall Duals: 14-11

The Lions will have back five section place winners, including one state qualifier and seventeen others with experience. The Lions will have ten with ten or more wins, back for this young team. The Lions defeated BCLB 51-30 in the section quarters and they were defeated by Holdingford  65-12 in the semifinals. They did graduate three seniors, including a pair of section place winners, one was a state qualifier. Look for the Lions to challenge those dual meet marks from last season and possibly for one of the top four spots in the section 7A dual meet campaign. 

Returning Wrestlers:

Beau Hudoba 12th 46-8 2nd Sec./AC

Deegan Birkaker 11th 44-7 4th Sec./AC

Hayden Bolling12th33-16

Kaden Felde 10th 32-19 6th Sec.

Brodie Smith 10th 23-10

Devin Hufstedler11th20-24

Dylan Smith 12th 19-3 (Injured)

Lucas Fradette 10th 14-25 4th Sec.

Carter Magaard 10th 14-32

Colby Milbradt 12th 12-21 5th Sec.

Brody Magaard   8th   7-10

Thomas Molin 11th   6-2

Talon Baker 11th   6-18

Tristan Burk 11th   4-11

Owen Hines 12th   4-1

Matthew Sholtz   9th   2-14

Matthew Fradette   8th   2-16

Brayden Malin 10th   2-2

Tanner Heald 10th   2-0

Ian Hansmeier 11th   1-12


Landon Halvorson 33-7 2nd Sec./AC (100-49 Career)

Ethan Houtsma 18-17 6th Sec./AC (46-64 Career)

Conner Hampton   8-8 AC


Head Coach: Greg Hills

Great River Conference: 3-2

Overall Duals: 12-12

The Gobblers will have five section place winners back, of which two were state qualifiers and one earned a state medal. They defeated Rock Ridge in the section 7AA semifinals and they were defeated by Mora 37-30 in the section 7AA semifinals. Look for the Gobblers to challenge their dual meet marks from last season. They will fill in with some of their younger wrestlers, if they stay healthy and make steady improvement. Look for the Gobblers to make a strong challenge for a top four spot, in what should be possibly one of the toughest section dual meet campaigns in the state in Section 7A.

Returning Wrestlers:

Jacob Williams 11th 36-8 2nd Sec./5th State/AC

Kenny Erickson 12th 32-7 1st Sec.

Nathan Trotter 12th 30-13 3rd Sec.

John Pelarski 11th 23-17 4th Sec.

Jackson Cline 12th 20-12 3rd Sec. 

Jacob McGuire 11th 11-14

Weston Kyllonen   8th   8-19


Jack Grell 28-8 3rd Sec./AC

Hayden Workman 17-14 5th Sec.

Craig Ashton 35-4 Injured

Kane Beirne 17-26


Head Coach: Josh Hughley

Great River Conference: 2nd Duals/1st Tournament

Overall Duals: 22-10

Returning Wrestlers:

Zach Remer 11th 43-2 1st Sec./1st State/AC

Donovan Schmid 12th 46-0 1st Sec./1st State/AC

Carter Adickes 10th 30-12 5th Sec./AC

Vincent Schmid   9th 30-15 5th Sec.

Creedon Spengler 11th 22-8 6th Sec.

Chases Calander 12th 12-20

Warren Minenko 10th 11-13

Earl Monchamp 10th 11-6

William Skogen   9th   6-11


Cam Wilkes 31-13 4th Sec. (114-102 Career)

Hudson Mann 16-4 2nd Sec.

Chris Ecker 15-21 6th Sec. (31-56 Career)

Tucker Strecker 14-17 6th Sec. (73-104 Career)


Head Coach: Dale Gullickson 

Overall Duals:

Returning Wrestlers:

Charles Ikola 12th 36-11 4th Sec.

Gus Thompson 12th 36-11 5th Sec.

Nathias Parks 11th 29-17 6th Sec.

Tate Evans 11th 26-6 3rd Sec.

Lee Perrington 12th 23-19 3rd Sec.

Hunter Rhodes 10th 23-26 6th Sec.

Dylan Gielen 12th 22-23

Wyatt Gullickson 10th 17-25

Preston Reed 11th 15-25 6th Sec.


JoJo Thompson 42-4 1st Sec.

Tygh Gullickson 32-10 3rd Sec. 


Head Coach: Brian Wood

Great River Conference:

Overall Duals: 

Returning Wrestlers:

Gabe Ridlon 12th 30-14 5th Sec.

Bril Asraf 12th 11-14 5th Sec.

Ezra Jacobson 11th     6-18

Aedan Fisher 10th   5-13

Weston McKay 10th   3-12

Levi Anderson   7th   1-1


John Paul Fitzpatrick 47-4 1st Sec./4th State (253 Career Wins)

Jason Anderson   5-18

Kyle Gutzman   3-19

Clayton Lingen   2-9 


Head Coach: Cody Nord

Overall Duals: 0-19

North Star Conference: 0-7

Returning Wrestlers:

Brody Mistic10th22-17

Derek Nason 11th 16-6 4th Sec.

Bryce Frenzel 12th 13-14 5th Sec.

Noah Holmberg 11th 18-24 6th Sec. (Transfer) 

Aiden Homberg 10th 16-21 6th Sec. (Transfer)

Carter Petar 12th ????

Michael Wurori 11th   7-24

Kasey Clark 11th   6-8

Angelo Reyes   9th   4-10

Derold Madigan   9th   1-8


Tyreese Goodman 26-15 3rd Sec. (82-91 Career)

Shayne Swedberg 26-14 (67-48 Career) 


Head Coach: Colby Marich

Overall Duals:

The Wolves will have four section place winners back and three others with experience. They did graduate three seniors last spring, including two section place winners, of which one was a state qualifier. Look for this young team if they stay healthy and can fill in with young wrestlers to make steady improvement! 

Returning Wrestlers:

Callen Whitney           11th 31-11 5th Sec. 

Kadin Martin 8th 28-17 5th Sec.

Gavin Swanson         11th19-15

Dylan Hedren         10th 18-21 4th Sec. 

Payden Yeats         11th 17-16 3rd Sec.

Cash Bullock 8th 14-20

Blake Orton 8th   6-8 


Dawson McGee 40-4 2nd Sec. 

Fischer Smith 24-8 3rd Sec. 

Devin Johnson6-14


Head Coach: Evan Oserhoudt

Overall Duals: