By Roger Mischke

MAT RATS PREVIEW (2023-2024)




Section 8A will have sixteen state qualifiers back, no medal winners will be returning. Strong chance to earn medals are: Preston Mayfield, Tyler Moe and Cash Osterman from Frazee, Carter Coauette and Gavyn Hlucny from Crookston, Owen Wolfe, Ian Phrakonkkan and Zach Thompson from Fosston-Bagley and Ayden Hauck from Barnesville


Head Coach: Travis Nagel

Heart of Lakes Conference: 4-1

Overall Duals: 23-6

The Hornets will have ten section place winners, including seven state qualifiers back from last years team. They will have five with experience also returning, they did graduate three seniors, all were section place winners and state qualifiers. The Hornets defeated Fertile-Beltrami 74-6 in the section quarters and Crookston 51-21 in the semifinals. They were defeated by UNC 31-24 for section honors, look for this very experienced team to make a strong challenge for section honors and possibly for state honors. They will return nine with fifteen wins plus, they should challenge those good dual meet marks from last season. 

Returning Wrestlers: p

Preston Mayfield 12th 35-5 1st Sec./AC

Cash Osterman 10th 33-10 1st Sec./AC

Tyler Moe 12th 32-13 2nd Sec./AC

Bailey Peichel 11th 31-12 2nd Sec./AC

Cade Nagel 11th 22-13 3rd Sec.

Xander Kohler 12th 21-14 2nd Sec./AC

Liam Hamm   9th 17-20 6th Sec./AC

Brady Borah 12th 16-25 3rd Sec.

Blake Sonnenberg   8th 13-28 2nd Sec./AC

Derek Zitzow 12th 15-10 4th Sec.

Jack Mellema 12th 12-9 3rd Sec./AC

Tanner Moe

John Graham

Weston Mickelson

Josiah Drewes

Gabe Schermerhorn


Jake Nagel 35-6 1st Sec./AC (129-45 Career)

Max Rue 29-11 2nd Sec.AC (42-48 Career)

David Graham 20-9 3rd Sec./AC (76-75 Career)


Head Coach: Jacob Osyter

Park Region Conference: 6-0 (1st Tournament)

Overall Duals: 19-12

The Warriors will have back ten section place winners, including four state qualifiers and six with experience. They did graduate five seniors last spring, four were section place winners, three state qualifiers, including one medal winner. Overall this is a young team with a good deal of experience back from their 19-12 dual meet campaign. They defeated Mahnomen-Waubun 66-10 in the section quarters and Fosston-Bagley 55-10 in the semifinals. They defeated Frazee for the Section 8A honors 31-24. The Warriors had a pair of close duals in the state tournament, Caledonia-Houston 35-23 and Medford 33-20. Look for the Warriors to make a strong challenge to defend their conference honors and their section honors. 

Returning Wrestlers:

Zach Hendrickson 12th 26-13 2nd Sec./AC

Aaron Lake 12th 26-14 

Connor Kohl   9th 19-3 1st Sec./AC

Cooper Harsbargen 11th 19-10 3rd Sec.

Zach Danielson 11th 19-21 4th Sec./AC

Levi Livingston 11th 16-18 3rd Sec.

Rhett Anderson   9th 16-26 3rd Sec.

Levi Olson   9th 16-26 4th Sec.

Henry Mayer 10th 15-9

Ryan Peterson   9th 14-15 3rd Sec.

Fordyce Johnson 10th   5-6 4th Sec.

Kevin Dailey 11th   5-4

Blake Myllykangas 10th   4-4


Hank Tellers 37-11 2nd Sec./AC (135- 102 Career)

Marcus Peterson 38-5 1st Sec./AC (91-43 Career)

Wyatt Olson 38-6 3rd Sec./AC (80-45 Career)

Shawn Hendrickson 24-10 1st Sec./6th State/AC (54-48 Career)

Toby Isola   8-8 


Head Coach: Daniel Rooney

Overall Duals:14-9

The Pirates will have five section place winners back, including three state qualifiers and four others with experience. They defeated Barnesville in the section quarters 45-34 and they were defeated by Frazee 51-21 in the section semifinals. They will have five back with double figure wins, look for the Pirates to make a strong challenge for a top four spot in this section 8A dual meet campaign. They did graduate four very good seniors, including three state qualifiers of which two earned medals. 

Returning Wrestlers:

Carter Coauette 12th 41-7 1st Sec.

Gavyn Hlucny 10th 30-12 1st Sec.

Evin Trudeau 12th 34-13 2nd Sec.

Riley Helgeson 11th 12-18 4th Sec.

Casey Weiland 10th 25-18 4th Sec. 

Lucas Perala 10th 12-24 6th Sec.

Mauricio Arriaga   8th   8-13

Christopher Goodrich   8th   7-11

Jason Knutson   8th   4-9 6th Sec.

Jose Arriaga 10th   2-19 6th Sec.


Ethan Bowman40-91st Sec./6th State(175-52 Career)

Ethan Boll 42-2 1st Sec./2nd State (210-41 Career)

Hunter Knutson 28-14 1st Sec. (104-94 Career)

Hunter Kresl 21-16 4th Sec. (55-84 Career) 


Head Coach: Pat Wolf

North Star Conference:

Overall Duals: 10-11

The Brawlers will have ten section place winners back, including three state qualifiers and five with experience. They will have back seven with fifteen wins plus. Look for this young team to continue to make strides of improvement thru out the season. They defeated Greenbush 51-26 in the section quarters and they were defeated by UNC 55-10 in the section semifinals. They did graduate three section place winners, but look for this team to make a strong challenge for a top four spot in the Section 8A section dual meet campaign. The Brawlers should improve on their dual meet marks from season. 

Returning Wrestlers: 

Aiden Wolfe 12th 38-5 2nd Sec./AC

Zach Thompson 11th 38-9 1st Sec./AC

Ian Phrakonkham 10th 34-8 2nd Sec./AC

Shane Thompson   9th 24-12 4th Sec.

Jakob Rudie 10th 20-25 6th Sec.

Luke Sannes 12th 16-24 4th Sec.

Jonathan Rose 10th 15-15 5th Sec.

Kadin Harwood 11th 12-24 4th Sec.

Kamryn Thompson   8th 12-6

Domanick Thompson 10th 11-26 6th Sec.

Jaekub Larson 11th   2-18 6th Sec.

Dylan Lomen 11th   3-21

Koltyn Larson 10th   1-13

Parker Nelson   9th   1-2

Gunnar Nolan   8th   1-2


Kaden Sanford 22-19 3rd Sec./AC

Alex Hagen 22-23 3rds Sec./AC

Jesse Beckman 13-13 5th Sec. 


Head Coach: Isaac Novacek

North Star Conference:

Overall Duals:

The Gators will have eight section place winners back and one other with a great deal of experience. They will have seven back with twelve plus wins. The Gators were defeated by Fosston-Bagley 51-26 in the section duals. Look for this very young team to make strides of improvement thru out the season. They should make a challenge for a top four spot in the Section 8A section dual meet campaign. 

Returning Wrestlers:

Owen Lund 10th 29-15 3rd Sec.

Emmit Isane 10th 20-19 5th Sec.

Keegan VonEnde   9th 19-11 3rd Sec.

Christian Berg 11th 19-23 5th Sec.

Damion Hanson 11th 16-17 5th Sec.

Isaac Olson   9th 13-11

Briggs Jenson 10th 12-13 5th Sec.

Tristan Werre-Lenz   8th   1-12 6th Sec.

Walter Taus 10th   1-10 5th Sec.


Brogan Betio 20-19 4th Sec.

Elliot Isane 17-18 5th Sec.


Head Coach: Zach Anderson

Heart of Lakes Conference:

Overall Duals: 

The Trojans will have back three section place winners, including one state qualifier and two others with experience. They were defeated by Crookston in the section semifinals 45-34. They did graduate five seniors last spring, including all section medal winners and a pair of state qualifiers.  

Returning Wrestlers:

Ayden Hauck 12th 31-8 1st Sec.

Cameron Halverson 10th 32-12 3rd Sec.

Hunter Blilie 12th 10-15 4th Sec.

Asher O’Brien 12th 14-23

Brock Grabow 10th   8-15


Jordan Kroll 32-9 2nd Sec.

Jonny Robideau 10-14 2nd Sec.

Quincy Morey 20-13 4th Sec.

Tim Wells 25-12 5th Sec.

William Rotz 17-24 5th Sec. 


Head Coach; John Black

North Star Conference

Overall Duals: 

The Thunderhawks will have back five section place winners, including a pair of state qualifiers and two with experience. 

Returning Wrestlers:

Dominick Neisen 12th 18-6 1st Sec.

Blake McMullen 10th 27-16 2nd Sec. 

Tayshaun Bray 11th   8-17 6th Sec.

Carter Thompson   9th 10-18 6th Sec.

Cade Waltz   8th   7-21 5th Sec.

Cleighton Hoban   10th   7-27

Henry Geray 10th   4-10


Head Coach: Will Meine

North Star Conference:

Overall Duals:

The Falcons will have back five section place winners back and two with experience. 

Returning Wrestlers:

Drew Rasch 11th 27-17 5th Sec.

Jack Erickson   9th 17-29 5th Sec.

Julian Ystenes 10th 16-25

Gregory Ramberg   9th 10-19

Jack Leiser 11th   9-15 6th Sec.

Gage Vold-Vedbradten 10th   8-15 6th Sec.

James Goodwin 10th   3-24 6th Sec.


Wesley Ramberg 25-17 4th Sec.