Park Region Conference

Teams included in the Park Region Conference Report are Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale/Parkers Prairie, Long Prairie-Grey Eagle/Browerville, West Central Area/Ashby/Brandon-Evansville, United North Central, New York Mills, Ottertail Central, Wadena-Deer Creek, and Osakis.

Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale/Parkers Prairie Raiders
The Raiders defeated Section 6A rival Barnesville 66-12 with a 12-1 match split, including five falls. They defeated Section 6A rival Pelican Rapids 63-13 with a 11-3 match split, including five falls. The Raiders defeated the No. 6A ranked West Central Area/Ashby/Brandon-Evansville 44-33 with a 8-6 match split, including six falls. This earned them the Section 6A championship. They defeated the No. 2A ranked Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa 33-30 with a 8-6 match split, including three falls. This earned the Raiders a quarterfinal win in the state tournament. Gideon Ervasti and David Revering both went 4-0, Deagen Captain, Hunter Dean, Reese Thompson, Aiden Larson and Hayden Captain all won three matches. The Raiders will take a 26-7 dual meet record into the state semifinals.

Special Note: Aiden Larson 12th 126 Earned His 60th Career Win; Hunter Dean 12th 170 Earned His 75th Career Win; Tyler Eggert 182 12th Earned His 25th Career Fall. The Raiders had eleven Section 6A place winners; those advancing to the championship were: Bennet Arceneau (106), David Revering (113), Deagen Captain (120), Aiden Larson (126), Reese Thompson (132), Mason Schroeder (160), Hunter Dean (170), Gideon Ervasti (195) and Hayden Captain. Advancing to the third place match were: Brock Peterson (152) and James Grant. The Raiders had nine place winners at the Super Section 5/6 tournament, including three state qualifiers. Hunter Dean, 1st place (195) 25-3, Gideon Ervasti, 2nd place (195) 25-3, David Revering, 2nd place (113) 34-4, Aiden Larson, 3rd place (126) 29-10, Reese Thompson, 4th place (132) 22-17, James Grant, 3rd place (220) 28-7, Hayden Captain, 3rd place (285) 22-6, Mason Schroeder, 5th place (160) 25-11, Deagen Captain, 5th place (120) 26-9 and Bennet Arceneau, 5th place (106) 23-11. Special Note: Hunter Dean Earned His 50th Career Fall. David Revering Earned His 50th Career Fall. Bennet Arceneau Earned HIs 25th Career Fall.

Long Prairie-Grey Eagle/Browerville Wolves
The Wolves defeated Class A Lean and Mean section rival Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg 49-13 with a 11-3 match split, including five falls. The Wolves were defeated by No. 2 ranked Section 5A rivals Belgrade-Elrosa-Brooten 33-23 with a 6-8 match split for the Section 5A championship. Gavin Albers, Landon Gode, Carter Meiners, Mason Gode, Bergen Pesta and Trey Lancaster all went 2-0. They had an outstanding dual meet record of 26-1 for the season. The Wolves had eleven Section 5A place winners; those that advanced to the championship were: Gavin Albers (113), Braden Thom (126), Carter Meiners (145), Landon Gode (152), Mason Gode (160) and Bergen Pesta (195). Those that advanced to the third place match were: Connor Flan (106), Mason Bruder (120), Omar Zamora (132), Cael Lorentz (138). The Wolves had a good Super Region 5/6 tournament with eight place winners, including five state qualifiers. Mason Gode, 1st place (160) 31-0, Landon Gode, 1st place (152) 30-1, Gavin Albers, 1st place (113) 30-1 and Connor Flan, 2nd place (106) 25-5. Carter Meiners, 3rd place (145) 28-4, Cael Lorentz, 3rd place (138) 25-8, and Bergen Pesta, 5th place (195) 22-9. Special Note: Mason Gode Earned his 225th Career Win. Carter Meiner Earned his 150th Career Win. Braden Thom Earned His 75th Career Win.

West Central Area/Ashby/Brandon-Evansville Knights
The Knights defeated Section 6A rival Staples-Motley 58-16 with a 10-4 match split and Breckenridge 63-12 with a 11-3 mat split. They were defeated in the Section 6A championship dual by No. 5A ranked Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale 44-33 with a 6-8 match split. Ashton Danner, Reubens Swanson, Jordan Lohse, Anthony Sykora, Nathaniel Kisgen and Colton Lindquist all went 3-0, Mason Richter and Solomon Wales went 2-1 and Justin Blacsyk went 2-0. They had a very good 25-6 dual meet record for the season duals. The Knights had eight Section 6A place winners. Those that advanced to the championship were: Reubens Swanson (145), Jordan Lohse (152), Anthony Sykora (160) and Nathan Kisgen (182). Those that advanced to the third place match were: Adam Lohse (120), Solomon Wales (126), Colton Lindquist (220) and Justin Blascyk (285). The Knights had six place winners at the Super Region 5/6 Tournament, including five state qualifiers. Nathaniel Kisgen, 2nd place (182) 29-4, Anthony Sykora, 2nd place (160) 32-2, Colton Lindquist, 2nd place (220) 31-4, Jordan Lohse, 2nd place (152) 30-3 and Reubens Swanson, 2nd place (145) 16-4. Adam Lohse, 5th place (120) 22-11. Special Note: Anthony Sykora Earned His 125th Career Win. Nathaniel Kisgen Earned HIs 125th Career Win. Jordan Lohse Earned His 175th Career Win.

United North Central Warriors
The Warriors defeated Section 8A rival Park Rapids 70-12 with a 12-2 match split. They were defeated by Crookston 39-27 with a 5-9 match split. Reid Pioniemi, Hunter Skaro, Ethan Hendrickson, Joel Isaacson and Dakota Meech all went 2-0. The Warriors had a very good 20-8 dual meet record for the season. The Warriors had eight Section 8A place winners; those that advanced to the championship were: Hunter Skaro (126), Ethan Hendrickson (132), Hank Tellers (152), Logan Torma (170), Torrey Carlson (195) and Marcus Peterson (285). Those that advanced to the third place match were: Dylan Rasmussen (138) and Dakota Meech (160).The Warriors had eight place winners at the Super Section 7/8 tournament, including two state qualifiers. Ethan Hendrickson, 1st place (132) 31-0 and Torrey Carlson, 2nd place (195) 20-6. Hunter Skaro, 3rd place (126) 26-6), Logan Torma, 4th place (170) 9-14, Dylan Rasmussen, 5th place (138) 22-9, Hank Tellers, 5th place (152) 14-8, Dakota Meech, 5th place (160) 23-9 and Marcus Peterson, 5th place (285) 20-9.

New York Mills Eagles
The Eagles had six section 6A place winners: Dane Niemi (138), Bren Salo (170), Jacob Guck (145), Chris Yoder (126), Cody Barthel (195) and Ben Unger (160). The Eagles had three Super Section 5/6 place winners, including two state qualifiers: Dan Niemi, 2nd place (138) 24-0 and Bren Salo, 2nd place (170) 33-3 and Jac0n Guck 6th place (145)

Ottertail Central Bulldogs
The Bulldogs were defeated in their first round of the Section 6A duals by Pelican Rapids 49-30 with a 5-9 split. The Bulldogs five Section 6A place winners, including four Super Section qualifiers. Brien Poser (132), Reed Leabo (138), Logan Schleske (145), Jaxon Rich (160) and Tristan Evavold (182). They had four Super Section 5/6 place winners, Brien Poser, 3rd place (132) 20-4, Reed Leabo, 4th place (138) 22-9, Logan Schleske, 4th place (145) 17-8 and Jaxon Rich, 3rd place (20-10).

Wadena-Deer Creek Wolverines
The Wolverines were defeated by their Section 6A rivals Barnesville 37-36 with a 7-7 match split, this included two falls. The Wolverines had two Section 6A place winners; Mason Brauch (106) and Koby Endres (170).

Osakis Silverstreaks
The Silverstreaks had Jacob Taplin (106), Logan Grove (113) Kale Drevlow (145) all earned places in the Section 5A tournament. Jacob Taplin, 4th place (106) 24-4 and Logan Grove, 5th place (113) 19-9 both earned places at the Super Section 5/6 tournament.