Section 5A Mat Rats Preview (2022-2023)


BY Roger Mischke

MAT RATS PREVIEW (2022-2023)





Head Coach: Chip Rankin

West Central Conference: 3-2

Overall: 17-6

The Lakers defeated Canby in their section 5A quarter final dual 38-27 and they were defeated by ACGC 44-21. They had thirteen section place winners, including two state qualifiers. Back from that team they have nine section place winners, including one state qualifier and five with experience. They will have back five with twenty win plus. The Lakers should challenge those dual marks from last season overall and in the conference. If they can stay healthy and get spread out in their weights, they should make strong challenge for a top four spot in what should be a very tough dual meet campaign. With the right match ups have a  possible a chance of advancing to the championship. The key wrestlers should include: Chad Smith (32-6), Nick Ankeny (31-8), Torii Johnson (26-10), Mason Schiffler (25-15) and Chase Boelke (23-14). 


Chase Smith 10th 32-6 1st Section/AC

Nick Ankeny 12th 31-8 3rd Section/AC

Torii  Johnson 12th 26-10 4th Section/AC

Mason Schiffler 11th 25-15 6th Section

Chase Boelke 12th 23-14 6th Section/AC

Jayce Kovarik 11th 16-10 4th Section

Nathan Dell 11th 14-17 6th Section

Myles Reichmann 11th 13-24

Brady Blair 12th 11-13 6th Section

Xander Johnson 12th 12-12

Noah Jensen 10th   5-8 6th Section

Noah Jensen 10th   2-6


Easton McCrory 23-8 3rd Section/AC/117-46 Career

Jacob Blair 31-8 2nd Section/AC/126-41 Career

Nathan Rankin 23-15 3rd Section/AC/53-30 Career

Dalton Friedricks 23-9 6th Section//38-13 Career


Head Coach: Jordan Fester

Central Minnesota Conference: 6-0

Overall: 19-3

The Jaguars were defeated in two very close duals in the state tourney last season, by Dover-Eyota 30-26 and UNC 34-30. They did earn the Section 5A championship with huge wins over Benson 77-6, Minneota 46-23 and ACGC 45-17. They had twelve section place winners, including six state qualifiers and four state medal winners, including a state champion. They will have back eight section place winners, four state qualifiers and three state place winners along with two with a great deal of experience. They will have seven with twenty wins plus back. If they stay healthy this season, that was an issue last season, they could challenge those great dual meet marks from last season. They should be a favorite to defend their section honors in this very tough section. The key leaders will include: Ryan Jensen (46-4), Maximus Hanson (40-10), Carson Gilbert (37-11), Ethan Spanier (35-11), Brett DeRoo (33-10) Wyatt Engen (27-9) and Louie Tensen (20-21).


Ryan Jensen 11th 46-4 1st Sec./2nd State/AC

Maximus Hanson 11th 40-10 2nd Sec./5th State

Carson Gilbert 10th 37-11 2nd Section

Ethan Spanier 12th 35-11 2nd Section/5th State

Brett DeRoo 10th 33-10 3rd Section/AC

Wyatt Engen12th27-9

Louie Tensen 10th 20-21 6th Section

Tanner Viessman 11th 18-18

Talen Kampsen 12th 16-21 5th Section

Ethan Mueller 10th 12-11 5th Section

Harley Weber 10th   6-5

Wyatt Lewis 12th   4-4


Walker Bents 46-1 1st Sec./State Champ/AC/202 35 Career

Blaine Fischer 43-5 1st Section/AC/221-60 Career

Tyler Jensen 17-10 4th Section/Injured/113-40 Career

Bryce Feuerhake 27-20 4th Section/59-85 Career


Head Coach: Mike Amsden

Central Minnesota Conference: 3-3

Overall: 30-7

The Falcons defeated Paynesville 53-10 and Minnewaska Area 49-21 before being defeated by Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa 45-17. The team earned thirteen section place winners, had six state qualifiers and they earned two state medals. Back from the team are five section place winners, two state qualifiers and four with experience. They will have back four with thirty wins plus and a pair that were injured with 18 and 15 wins. Look for the Falcons, if they stay healthy and get their weight spread out to possibly challenge those very good dual marks. They should make a challenge for a top four spot in this tough section dual meet campaign. Their key leaders should include: Jevon Williams (36-11), Terrel Renne (34-13), Edwin Gonzalez (33-14), Isaiah Renne (32-17) and Travys Lauver (15-8). 


Jevon Williams 11th 36-11 3rd Section

Terrell Renne 12th 34-13 2nd Section

Edwin Gonzalez 10th 33-14 3rd Section

Isaiah Renne 11th 32-17 2nd Section

Jayden Kragenbring 10th 16-21 Injured

Travys Lauver 11th 15-8 Injured

Braxton Krangebring10th12-16

Ethan Whitcomb 11th   7-7 5th Section

Rowan Molinaro   9th   5-8


Jaxon Behm 41-5 1st Sec./3rd State/AC/133-51 Career

Brady Holien 47-5 2nd Section/AC/164-41 Career

Cole Holien 42-11 2nd Sec./5th State/149-32 Career

Jake Mortensen 34-10 2nd Section/145-69 Career

Mason Studemann 37-10 3rd Section/77-30 Career

Logan Straumann 32-6 3rd Section/70-49 Career

Trey Schmidt   8-11 5th Section/20-24 Career


Head Coach: Matt Myvik

Overall: 15-7

The Vikings defeated their section 5A foe KMS 51-15 and in the semifinals they were defeated by BBE 45-23. The Vikings had ten section place winners, five state qualifiers and two state medal winners. They will have back six section place winners, two state qualifiers and one medal winner and eight with some experience. They will have six back with double figure wins, so if they get spread out in their weights and stay healthy, they could challenge those dual meet marks from last season. Look for the Vikings to make a for top four in this tough dual meet campaign, maybe a finalist it they get their match ups. The Vikings key leaders should include: Peyton Gillund (34-9), Zach Fier (21-7), Hudson Scholten (29-14), Adam Devlaeminck (26-12) and , Eli Gruenes (14-12) and Alex Depestel (18-18).


Peyton Gillund 12th 34-9 1st Section

Hudson Scholten 12th 29-14 4th Section

Zach Fier 12th 21-7 1st Sec./4th State

Adam Devlaeminck   9th 26-12 2nd Section

Alex Depestel 11th 18-18 5th Section

Eli Gruenes 10th 14-12 5th Section

Branden Johnson 12th   9-17

Brock Fier   9th   5-10

Quinton Anderson   8th   4-14

Destin Fier 10th   3-1

Blake Mead   8th   2-2

Cael Fier   8th   2-1

Chase Johnson 10th   2-10


Jonah Gruenes 37-2 1st Section/154-44 Career

Jackson Esping 12-2 1st Section/injured/93 Career Wins

Troy Vankeulen 26-13 2nd Section

Kade Lozinski 25-14 5th Section

Conner Gik   5-12

Jayden Gamrak   2-1


Head Coach: Gary Stoks

Overall: Unavailable 

The Lancers were defeated in their quarterfinal section 5A dual by Minnewaska Area 38-27. They had section place winners and two state qualifiers last season. Back from that team are nine section place winners, including two state qualifiers and seven with double figure wins. Look for the Lancers to challenge last years dual meet marks. If they spread their weights out, they should make a challenge for a top four spot in what should be a very tough section dual meet campaign. The Lancers key leaders should include Lane Fink (40-8), Lincoln Fink (36-8) Eli Greenman (36-10), Gavin Noyes (23-15), Isaac Guzman (13-16) and Nick Wagner (13-7). 


Lane Fink 12th 40-8 2nd Section

Lincoln Fink 12th 36-8 3rd Section

Eli Greenman 10th 36-10 3rd Section

Gavin Noyes 11th 23-15 5th Section

Isaac Guzman 10th 13-16 2nd Section

Nick Wagner 11th 13-7 3rd Section

Sam Drietz 10th 10-16 5th Section

Clayton Drietz 10th   9-19 6th Section

Blake Giese 10th   5-11 5th Section

Sawyer Verhelst 10th   4-16


Parker Verhelst 27-18 4th Section


Head Coach: Craig Johnson/Trevor Mahlum

Overall: 10-10

The Fighting Saints were defeated by Minneota in their quarterfinal section 5A dual. They had eight section place winners, two state qualifiers and both earned state medals, including a state championship. Back from the team are six section place winners, one qualifier, a state champion and the return of Chase Magaard. They have have seven with double wins and also seven with experience. The Fighting Saints could challenge those dual meet marks from last season. Their key leaders should include Trey Gunderson (48-1), Jett Olson (33-17), Masyn Olson (31-17), Jason Jones (29-19) and Noah Johnson (25-11) and Chase Magaard (


Trey Gunderson 9th 48-1 1st Sec./State Champion

Jett Olson 10th 33-17 4th Section

Masyn Olson 12th 31-17 5th Section

Jason Jones 12th 29-19 3rd Section

Noah Johnson 12th 25-11 4th Section

Collin Johnson 12th 16-22 5th Section

Chase Magaard12thInjured44-5 2 years ago

Owen Kidrowski 11th 12-25

Logan Johnson     9th   9-22

Tayden Nielsen   8th   8-13

Luke Froehlich 12th   7-9

Aaron Jones 10th   7-16

Colton Noble   9th   6-7


Coy Gunderson 47-4 1st Sec./3rd State/202-36 Career

Eli Johnson 26-20 4th Section/87-74 Career


Head Coach: Jeremy Reiter

Central Minnesota Conference: 0-6

Overall: 8-22

The Bulldogs were defeated in their Section 5A dual by ACGC 53-10, they had eight section place winners and one state qualifier. Back from the team are seven section place winners, one state qualifier and six with experience. They will have eight back with double figure wins. Look for the Bulldogs to improve a great deal on their dual meet marks and move up in the conference. Their key leaders should include; Spencer Eisenbraun (34-7), Payton Hemmesch (32-7), Brandon Hess (24-21), Mason McNab (23-16), Aaron Mages (20-19) and Jose Anaya (12-8/injured).


Spencer Eisenbraun 12th 34-7 3rd Section

Payton Hemmesch 10th 32-7 1st Section

Brandon Hess 11th 24-21 4th Section

Mason McNab 10th 23-16 4th Section

Aaron Mages 12th 20-19 4th Section

Seth Vearrier 11th 16-24 6th Section

Preston Welling 11th 13-31

Jose Anaya 11th 12-8 Injured

Grant Wendlandt 10th   8-15 6th Section

Mason Hanson   8th   7-11

Grant Miller 11th   5-15

Carson Suchy 11th   4-13

Grant Miller 11th   5-15

Mitchell Blonigen 10th   4-13


Trenton LeClaire   8-34 6th Section


Head Coach: Scott Thompson

West Central Conference: 2-3

Overall: 12-14

The Braves defeated BOLD in their first Section 5A dual 54-20, they were defeated by BBE in the quarterfinals. The Braves earned seven section medals winners, they had a state qualifier that earned the state championship. Back from last season are five section place winners and one state champion. They have nine with experience and nine with double figure wins. The Braves should challenge both their overall and conference dual marks. Their key leaders should include: Thomas Dineen (47-0), Preston Mcgee (27-23), Nick Bolduc (23-19), Max Nygaard (23-23), Jaiden Zimmerman (21-26) and AJ Klassen (16-13). 


Thomas Dineen 12th 47-0 1st Sec./State Champ/AC

Preston Mcgee 12th 27-23 4th Section/AC

Nick Bolduc 11th 23-19 AC

Max Nygaard   9th 23-23 5th Section

Jaiden Zimmerman 12th 21-26 5th Section

Ed Wah 11th 15-27 6th Section

AJ Klassen 12th 16-13

Alex Whitcup 12th 15-33

Darin Hippe   8th 11-21

Johnny Kolberman 11th   9-26

Jack Storlien 10th   6-11

Teegan Hogrefe 12th   4-15

Derek Johnson 11th   4-13

Gavin Olson   9th   3-4


Nathan Bolduc 35-8 4th Section/AC

Blake Nagler 11-22 6th Section

Ayden Ehmcke   9-11


Head Coach: Matt Zupke

West Central Area Conference: 0-5

Overall: 0-22

The Warriors were defeated in their first Section 5A dual by Benson 54-20, they did have three section place winners, including a pair of state qualifiers and a state medal winner. Back from that team are two qualifiers, including their medal winner and eight with experience. Look for the Warriors to improve on those dual meet numbers, this young team should make strides of improvement. Their key leaders should include: Austin Kiecker (45-3) and Brady Kiecker (34-17). 


Austin Kiecker 11th 45-3 1st Sec./3rd State/AC

Brady Kiecker 10th 34-15 2nd Section/AC

Gavin Hammerschmidt 11th 12-17

Trey Zamarron   9th   5-13

Tanner Kautz 10th   4-17

Elijah Swenson 12th   4-16

Hayden Edwards   9th   5-15

Tate Sheehan 11th   4-8

Max Benson 11th   2-8

Neil Young 12th   2-9


Connor Plumley 26-16 3rd Section

Xavier Basaldua   3-8

Kiara Stai   2-6


Head Coach: Joe Eustice

Overall: Not available  

The Trojans have back one section place winner and seven with experience, they did graduate two last spring. Look for the Trojans to make steady improvement thru out the season. The key leaders include: Cody Klepel (27-17) and Anthony Eustice (19-18). 


Cody Klepel 11th 27-17

Anthony Eustice 11th 19-18 6th Section

Trent Eastman 11th 10-20

Jacob Hartman 10th   3-4

Marvin Hognes 10th   2-16

Nathan Gustafson 12th   2-2

Blades Larson   8th   2-1

Mathew Eustice   9th   2-1


James Conrad 11-22

Brooklyn Conrad 28-14